Just finished “The Radical Doula Guide” and am so thankful that there are doulas out there concerned about the racist, classist, ableist, hetero-normative, gender-essentialist approaches to the birth process both by doctors in hospitals and by doulas and midwives. 

I knew this from the start, but I will never deny services to a pregnant person based on any of the above factors or those that I left out (like those seeking selective abortion, going the adoption route, undocumented immigrants,  ect.) 

Every person deserves support through pregnancy. Every single one. 

Still thinking about the moment in my Doula training where the instructor went on and on about how great it is that the “Gaskin maneuver” was named after Ina May Gaskin instead of a man. 

She didn’t feel the need to mention, or maybe she didn’t know, that Ina May learned that trick from indigenous women in Guatemala. So convenient, isn’t it, to give credit to a white, american woman for something poor, brown, indigenous people have been doing forever.