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Our Song // Radiator Hospital

radhos is playing at a friend’s house in chicago just a few days after I leave and my heart is actually breaking over it

wow though torch song is so good! it’s so much better than something wild and something wild was so good when it happened! that’s great. your music should invalidate all of your music that came before it.

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once Sam from Radiator Hospital emailed me because I called him a jerk online but in that email he said he thought I was cool and wanted to be friends and now we are

I just think that “Your Boyfriend” is THE Radiator Hospital song for us Way Back From The Beginning Fans for a number of reasons, not least of all the explosion at 1:04 as a past->future gesture but also “not fair to you, not fair to you, not fair what I put you through” like TRUE, Sam you are a life ruiner, I am never not in anguish because of the music you make

like can you imagine if One Direction wrote a song that said “it’s not fair to you, not fair to you, not fair what I put you through” like OH MY GOD

I think I am going to stay home and not go to the show because I think Be is gonna be at the show and last time they hung out with Ashley they yelled about how I was just trying to ~~indoctrinate everyone against innocent people and making up stories of abuse

so yeah I’m gonna stay home

"our song" is exactly what I’m talking about though: "you won’t get off that easy, don’t say you love me when you know you don’t" and (god!!) "when you call your mom back tell her that I’m the one leaving, you know she wouldn’t understand, and she shouldn’t have to, I won’t hold it against you" like (?!!!) the absolute heir to everything that might have been cool and good about bob dylan is sam

  • No Cavities
  • Radiator Hospital
  • Already Came True

even tonight, this was in my head, this was what I worked through

I got a head fulla knives
moving around you like a ghost in the night
whispering words that hold you tight
couldn’t let go if they tried

what would I do without this song, where would I be without this song

tearing out, trying to tell you
can you make this worth my while now?

Radiator Hospital - “No Cavities”