It was a Warm night over at the Sakamakai residence, Yui knew that Ayato and Shuu would be asleep by now, Reiji probably feel asleep like he always does, as she quietly went down the stairs, the only one that was up was Subaru. As she quietly tip toed out of the house, the Blond soon after rushed out of the Golden Gates the shadows the hallow forest.

quickly she ran as fast as her legs could go, though seeing how the entrance was blocked up the Gang of Liatos, Yui swiftly stopped to a halt, *which way do I go now?* the female said in her head as she looked around her.

Then in the corner of her eye the female spotted a hole in the side of the gate, maybe.. Just maybe she could get through, though as she looked at the other vampires that stood guard at the gate, the chains on the side began to raddled and shake.  The *POP* Yui squeezed right though, running towards the city with Lights that many people call Tokyo.  But, as she looked behind her, the gang soon caught up.  

*A few minutes later as she came into town*

Running though the street, a car came straight towards her… The female was quick to react and jump over it, causing her whole body to flip over and land to the ground, preventing herself from being hit by the Car. Although Yui did not have time to stop and apologize, first she was going to have to get Liatos, gang of her tail. “I’ll have to say I’m sorry later to the male”, she said as she saw the other step out of the car.

Quickly she rushed over to the park and hid behind the entry post to the gates , as soon as the others ran past it , the female gave a sigh  “that was close.. “ she sighed and then stepped out. “Are they gone now?”

Locked Out

Mituna raddled the door nob to his dorm room. It was Sunday night, meaning he had school the next morning. He had forgotten his key and…. the door was locked, FUCK. Fuck, okay, he had a room mate right? Right. He reassured himself that Davian would answer. Mituna Captor had repeatedly left his key in the dorm anyway. Although today was different, it was 2 am right now. And he doubted the bird-lover would be up. He knocked on the door,lightly at first but at the lack of response he knocked on the door harder.“Hey, Davian!” He yelled into the crack of the door. Again, no response. He growled as his kicked the door to the dorm. 

Well…. shit. Tuna was locked out and it seemed that his room mate wasn’t up so he wasn’t going to get in any time soon now was he. Mituna grumbled to himself for being an idiot and twisted the door nob again. He knew it wouldn’t open but trying never hurt anyone. Finally the little bee boy gave up and shoved his hands in his pants pockets. He walked away, not really sure what else to do. He walked outside and breathed in the air. At least it was a nice warm spring night tonight. Where the fuck was he going to sleep now.

 He contemplated going to the campus police but he had gotten in trouble a little too much lately and doubted they wanted to see him at the moment. He sighed and walked over to a tree. The senior grabbed on to the tree branch and swung himself up. He relaxed as he put his back up against the tree and let his feet swing over the branches on opposite sides. Guess this is where he was sleeping tonight. Although Mituna didn’t really care where he slept, it was two in the fucking morning and he wanted to go the fuck to sleep.  He grumbled as he pulled down his yellow beanie over his eyes like a night mask. 

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inalostthatsallmyown asked:

"'Charlie don't panic, I am a cat. This fluffy beast in your window 5 stories up.' She raddled the screen. 'I'm too young to die, please let me in!' She howls and flicks her tail. 'I was drinking and I left to go home and ran into a weird person and he said he was sorry before throwing shit in my mouth and forcing me to swallow. It was awful! Bostonian too big for a cat!'

Charlie gaped for a while before rushing to open the window to let the cat in. “Uhm. What the actual fuck, Twin?