The alt brigade expanded today. Top to bottom:

-Sekhe, Jedi Consular/Sage

-Telar'ada'inrokini, Bounty Hunter/Mercenary

-Ysande Ulgo, Jedi Knight/Sentinel

-Yza-lir, Smuggler/Gunslinger

All but Sekhe are on Ebon Hawk; she’s on Begeren Colony.

Guess who downloaded and finished watching Madoka?

Guess who decided to celebrate this by putting their manliest character in magical girl gear?

God this was fun though. I’ll do the last of the style meme requests tomorrow!

There were some things that happened to you that you couldn’t control.

The weather, for instance, is a prime example.

The internal thoughts and motivations of others is another.

Waxing your eyebrows, however, is something you do have complete control over. You have to be either a novice at waxing or an utter dope to not get it right.

Radai, of course, was a combination of the two.

Which would probably explain why she had ripped off her entire right eyebrow.


I keep trying to use the EmoteMovieMaker program to make an animated Radai, but for some reason it hasn’t registered her closed eyes and her right eyebrow.

I feel u gurl.