im proud to say that i worked my ass off today trying to improve my department. i cleaned and rearranged, i went through ongoing project folders to see what did / didnt need to be done, and i ended up saving the sale on a $185 job that the girl i dont like almost lost us because she doesnt know how to fuckin do her job apparently. i also made myself a training booklet for the supervisor position.

but i did a lot and im proud and im excited to talk to my store manager about applying for the cpc supervisor position.

Hey guys! It’s time to play: Let’s Get Socially Conscious With Steve Kong! So something’s been bugging me at skate events, namely at slidejams. It’s an itch that I’ve been wanting scratch for the longest time. It’s the way we(men) treat women and the damaging effects that can follow. I’ve seen and heard of guys…


Rad Train presents In the mountains with Spencer Smith

Visitor Spencer Smith was in town and what better way to say welcome to California than taking him up to this long ass run we have… Skate safe skate fast! good times running trains on fools with Patrick Switzer, Max Capps


Choo Choo!!!