Well my foster raccoon seems to be a little happier today!! Yay for baby scout and happy early birthday to me

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Don’t Drink That

I regret not buying the loki toy I saw in the store today.

Or the stuff racooon. no I had to buy a shitty lipstick. 

blah I feel guilty now. 

Racooon boy

I love how people freak out of the littlest things. It’s tumblr, and honestly you have no reason to not like me. You don’t like me because you have a little obsession with miss destiny. News flash, destiny might not wanna be mean and say it but I will, you have absolute zero chance with her. She can and will do way better, always. Might as well accept that kid.
And no one can replace me, I know it, and she knows it. She may love someone else eventually but I will always be miss Mary to her and you will never replace the place I have in her heart.
Just saying.