Racists hate when non POC and POC are united

The fact some were too eager to believe lies setup by racists to try to discredit Shaun King says A lot about the fact many still don’t understand what is Really going on!

They lied on abolitionists.
They lied on some Quakers.
They lied on many civil rights activists.
They lied on some panthers.
They lied on some in the nation of Islam.
They lied on some “good” politicians.
They lied on some preachers.
They lied on some teachers.
They lied on some of your grandparents.

So what makes you think they won’t lie on reporters or bloggers too?

Idris Elba has responded (with good humor) to rumors that he’s being considered as a future James Bond. “Isn’t 007 supposed to [be] handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! Happy New year people,” tweeted the British actor, along with a funny face selfie.


Milwaukee Supervisor Deanna Alexander




Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, District 18

901 North 9th Street, RM 201 • Milwaukee, WI 53233 • (414) 278-4259 • deanna.alexander@milwaukeecountywi.gov



Name Kurt Vatland

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fb page (public): https://www.facebook.com/kurt.vatland?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kurtvatland

Band Pages:



Other pages:



https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVciMdoiuwT8fG0op6ZEFcA band youtube page

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk87spgYpMg (his only music video)

Apparently some lead guitarist in a local band tryna make it big so i don’t think he even has a “structured” job, but lol…drag him. read him.

Did you know that Charles Darwin’s son would hit up the AMNH/ American Museum of Natural History and hold meetings which in some of those meetings he and a group discussed ‘population control’ of minority subjects and were very fond of eugenics and bettering the races by excluding non whites and poor people?

In 1932, the Third International Conference of Eugenics was held at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. It was sponsored by Mrs. H. R. duPont of the Delaware duPont family and a short roster of America’s wealthiest—and most rabid—racists masquerading as environmentalists and eugenics benefactors: Mrs. Mary Averill Harriman, Major Leonard Darwin—the son of Charles Darwin, famous for his “Survival of the Fittest” natural selection philosophy—Mrs. John T. Pratt, Mrs. Walter Jennings, Dr. J. Harvey Kellogg, Henry Fairchild Osborn, Colonel William Draper and Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland H. Dodge.

"what’s white science??"

"It’s not about race it’s about criminals"… "White people get killed by police too"… "Well… black on black crime is worse"… "If black lives matter so much then why do you abort them"… "The protesters are stealing shit"… "The protesters are on private property"…

Please, stop. Stop. You’re not fooling anyone. Just say it. Say. it. Own up to your sad stupidity and your disgusting bigotry. That’s the least you can do.

I’m posting this on its own in hopes that it gets more attention.

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There are SEVERAL people who have been revealed to be members of the MO area KKK who have well paying, respected jobs in the community, and they deserve to LOSE them.

Richard Pigloswki is just one.

his profile on his employer’s site:


one of many pages that show anonymous revealing him as a KKK member:


his wife also works for Coldwell Banker:


And here is Coldwell Bankers FB page:


Please spread this!!!


Honestly, he shouldn’t have been interrogating me about my race in the first place. Does he also go up to people and ask them if they’re black??


who says only Japanese people should wear Kimono?

Who says anyone in a Kimono must be Japanese?

Kimono might be Japanese in origin but it is also part of the world’s culture.

I should not have to avoid wearing certain things because people will harass me, especially at anime conventions where everyone is dressed up!