the signs as things my friend's dad said
  • aries:does putin's me-me ban mean you cannot go to russia
  • taurus:we have a vodka fridge and a cheese fridge. take your pick
  • gemini:is this the boy you cry over? he is ugly. find another boy
  • cancer:i have not cried in ten years. i am not breaking this streak today
  • leo:do not touch the moustache. it looks good today
  • virgo:i would say your dress is short but you are too short
  • libra:you are not in trouble, no. you just broke a law
  • scorpio:you make a better son than my son
  • sagittarius:why is it 420? why not 480?
  • capricorn:i want a tap that pours alcohol instead of water
  • aquarius:if i were president i would let you have your me-mes.
  • pisces:is that putin is gay video real

Love Me Right will be released in 5 hours, while working on our 6 mio views in a day project (helps exo on the social charts), i hope you don’t forget to stream the song too (helps exo on the digital charts)!!:)

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you don’t have to actually buy the songs, you can just listen to the 1 minute preview, this will count as streaming which is part of the digital charts!:)