The current Ms. Marvel is a New Jersey girl from a Pakistani family named Kamala Khan. When the character got her own series last year, she became the first Muslim superhero to star in a Marvel comic book. Now she’s fighting Islamophobia in the real world. 

Street Cred flagged these photos of Ms. Marvel’s image spreading messages of love pasted over offensive anti-Muslim ads that are peppering the San Francisco transit system thanks to blogger Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative.”

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Get ‘em Ms. Marvel!

Welcome to Florida — where it’s fine to carry a gun, unless you’re black 

62-year-old Clarence Daniels, a black man with a concealed weapons permit, was entering a Tampa-area Walmart to purchase some coffee creamer for his wife on Tuesday. Armed with a label in case he forgot the brand of creamer — and his handgun, holstered on his hip — Daniels barely made it through the big-box store’s automatic doors being tackled by Michael Foster, a 43-year-old white would-be vigilante.

Police held a ‘NY Times’ columnist’s son at gunpoint in a startling example of racial double standards 

Yale University police officer raised his gun at an innocent black man Saturday night while searching for the suspect in a burglary case — and attracted the ire of New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, whose son happened to be the man in question.

Blow, who has written regularly on racial double standards in policing in America, immediately took to Twitter to vent about the incident, calling it yet more evidence that young black men in America are unfairly discriminated against on a constant basis.

People’s Choice Awards: Viola Davis takes dig at New York Times story

"The People’s Choice Awards, the annual fan-voted show on CBS, exist in the kind of fantasy world where teen star Chloe Grace Moretz triumphs over Meryl Streep for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. That’s always fun, but the show is way more interesting when stars reference real-life incidents.

Like, say, Favorite Actress in a New TV Series winner Viola Davis getting up on stage and calling out Alessandra Stanley’s widely-criticized New York Times article about Shonda Rhimes. Last fall, the paper’s television critic received lots of blowback for a story that referred to Shonda Rhimes as “an angry black woman” while discussing the successful slate of ShondaLand dramas. Stanley also drew criticism for her remarks about Davis, the star of “How to Get Away With Murder” (produced by Rhimes) when she wrote that the actress was “older, darker-skinned and less classically beautiful” than Kerry Washington, who stars in Rhimes’s show “Scandal.”

When accepting her trophy on stage, Davis gave a shout out to the fans, and then took a pointed dig at the story while she thanked the executive producers of her series: “Thank you Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Peter Nowalk,” Davis said to much applause, “For thinking of a leading lady who looks like my classic beauty.”


Congratulations Viola!

Racism alive and well in Limestone County, Alabama 

It may say 2015 on the calendar, but one neighborhood in Alabama seems stuck in 1965.

Limestone County resident Terry Turner was celebrating the new year with her granddaughter last week when she heard a violent crash in front of her home. She checked her front room, only to see three of her windows broken by rocks. When police arrived, Turner was horrified to see the windows weren’t the only thing the vandals had targeted. 

"I don’t hate whoever did this," Turner told WHNT News. "I just don’t understand it."

Florida police caught using these awful photos for target practice 

Florida police have some tough questions to answer after a group of National Guardsmen made a galling discovery at a local shooting range.

NBC 6 reports that cops in North Miami Beach were caught using photographs of real people for target practice. All of them were “mug shots of African American men,” at least one of which belonged to a suspect that had previously been arrested by the department.

The chief actually defended using them