anonymous asked:

What are white people? What defines them? Is it just their skin or something else? If it's their skin and somebody says something bad does that make it racist or not?

Why don’t you ask white people what defines them, and while you’re at it ask them why the need to steal everyone else’s culture in order to “define”  themselves. 

I really do not feel like going to to soc101 and pointing out the extremely basic differences between race & ethnicity and honestly if you don’t know wtf “white” is, you should not even be trying to have a conversation about racism.

No, saying something bad does not equal racism, racism is SYSTEMATIC. 

white people being angry about the incorrect ways that they deal with people of color act like a kid who’s bad at math. Just because you throw different answers at the problem doesnt mean any of them are going to be correct.

it’s like me asking you what 5+5 equals and you tell me 6, then 4, then 8, and the you get mad at ME because you’ve thrown more than one answer at it but you’re still wrong. Then you claim that it’s not a real problem and I’m just making it up because all of these solutions are wrong