On Thursday, a man who identified himself as an active Baltimore police officer named “Jeff” claimed that he and fellow officers were formulating plans to oust the elected mayor of Baltimore.
The announcement was made on a Baltimore radio show. “There is right now over 50 of us officers who are immediately asking for [Baltimore Mayor] Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to step down for what she did to us Monday,” the caller told WBAL radio.

<<Remember, Monday was the day police showed up in riot gear to a high school walkout. >>

One of the major precipitating factors, according to the caller, was the mayor’s handling of the riots. He claimed that officers could have put down problems before they began.
The moment it started, we could have ended it. Trust you me. They would not let us. It’s on the mayor’s shoulders now for the people who were injured, the buildings that were burnt, and the officers that were hurt.

<<Again, remember that it was the police who started the day by releasing a press release lying about the threat of gang violence and showing up in riot gear to what was intended to be a peaceful walkout>>

“Any other time in my career, if somebody were to throw a brick or a block at me, we would take immediate actions to pull our weapons on them. Numerous times on Monday when our officers were being injured, our commanders are telling us ‘stand down, stand down,’”

<<He’s mad that someone told him not to shoot high school kids!>>

As he continued, he revealed his true feelings about the urban youth of Baltimore he is allegedly supposed to “protect & serve.” “You had no idea what it did to us as police officers to sit there and let people, I’m gonna say it, thugs, hoodlums, little animals do what they did to us in the streets of Baltimore.”

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people who deny that police brutality is a real problem

people who believe it’s a racial issue

people who ignore non-black victims of police brutality

people who believe that non-violent criminals “had it coming” 

people who think rioting and looting is the right reaction to police brutality

people who believe that the 3 black cops charged in the freddie gray case were “upholding white supremacy”

I find it hilarious that when the mugshots of the six officers were released, the Left and SJWs were all like “Regardless of race” or “It doesn’t matter the race…” No. You rioters brought the discussion of race into this. I don’t know how many signs were talking of “white supremacy” and “white privilege.” For them to ignore the fact they brought the issue of race and now that they find out that 3 of the cops were black and the driver who has the most severe charge is black too, well now it’s about police reform. Still, Baltimore should be proud. It’s most prominent mugshots is full of diversity. LOL.

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What You’re Missing About ‘Baltimore Mom’

“When I look at that video, I don’t see anything to celebrate.”

“On Facebook, as timelines buzzed and Baltimore burned, a good friend of mine, Ashley Satterfield, wrote a heartbreakingly honest post. It has the clarity of fear that only the mother of a Black child could write:

“Every time I see the video…I’m amazed that so many people see something so vastly different from what I see. That woman was going after her son not because she was fundamentally opposed to him protesting police brutality, but because as a black mom she knows oh too well that black bodies aren’t valued and she was DEATHLY afraid of police shooting her black son dead in the street. When I look at that video, I don’t see anything to celebrate. I see the pain, suffering, fear and desperation. I saw a headline that read, "Angry Mother beats son for participating in Baltimore riots.” When it’s actually, “Scared and Desperate Mom beats son out of fear that he’ll become the next victim of police brutality.”

There are those that will tell Satterfield, a Dartmouth educated lawyer married to a Harvard educated lawyer, that if she rears her two year-old son to respect the police and do as he’s told and not get into trouble, he’ll be alright. The problem with that thinking, though, is that it throws the responsibility of White America to collectively face its lack of empathy and value for Black lives back onto the people that are victimized by it. This burden is compounded by the fact that despite being human beings and citizens, there is no insurance against police brutality if you are Black in America. And as much as I wish that were a sweeping generalization for my editor to cross out, we can’t in good consciousness—after Ferguson, after New York, after Baltimore—we just can’t hide behind wanting to see more “proof ” for brutality by the state. It’s here. It’s here when a mother in America would rather beat her child for his desire to express his Constitutionally protected right to assembly than take the chance that the police might break his spine. I don’t know any mother that actively wants to hurt her child and it’s a sad state of American affairs when mothers feel that is the only choice that they have to keep them alive–and we cheer. “That’s my only son,” Toya Graham told CBS. “And at the end of the day, I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray."”

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Manny Pacquiao is one of the best and kindest and realest person in the world and it makes me so sad when english-speaking interviewers/ viewers laugh at him when he doesn’t reply with perfect english, and he just sits there and he takes it and he just laughs along. Like you have to understand that not everyone can speak english as fluently as Americans. Because even though english is practically the universal language, not everyone was born with the privilege to learn it.

You wouldn’t even be able to speak tagalog even if you tried.

Human zoos were a big exhibit in the Paris Colonial Exposition of 1931, which was used to show off all of the things gained through France’s colonial expansion. “Hey, I know that a lot of you think that what we did was bad, because we tried to ‘civilize’ everyone and treated people pretty poorly in our march across Africa, but we got something really neat! Look at this painting! And this dress! Totally worth it! It’s all GOOD. Let’s clink glasses and pretend that we’re not terrible.”

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