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June 3  12:36 pm

Stolen Children | Residential School survivors speak out

How Residential Schools affected survivors and their children and grandchildren.


A brand new weekly youtube series, MTV News’ Decoded features Franchesca Ramsey who tackles race, pop culture, and other uncomfortable things. 

This week’s topic: chicken, watermelon and racism

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Wait, so officer Stephen Rankin gets in trouble for posting Nazi imagery and Nazi views online,  then shoots an unarmed immigrant chef and an unarmed black kid respectively and NO ONE in the department thinks this is worth looking into? The fuck?

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to spot something amiss here.

Darker Than Blue: Policing While Black in N.Y.C.

“The origins of American policing, the historian W. Marvin Dulaney argues, cannot be fully understood without considering slavery and racism. “By the beginning of the eighteenth century, most American colonies had enacted laws to regulate the behavior of African slaves,” Dulaney writes in his book “Black Police in America.” “The codes also established the slave patrol or ‘patterollers.’ The slave patrol was the first distinctively American police system, and it set the pattern of policing that Americans of African descent would experience throughout their history in America.” 

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Arriving at residential school, children had their hair chopped off and their clothing removed — one survivor recalled having her beaded moccasins, made by her grandmother for her to wear to school, taken from her and thrown in the garbage.

They were separated from their siblings and survivors spoke of being ignored, or even punished, for crying.

“It was, at best, institutionalized child neglect,” says the report.
The quality of the education was often poor: the lessons were heavy on rote memorization, the teachers were often unqualified the classrooms were overcrowded.

Many of the schools operated on a “half-day system”, where students would attend classes half the day and spend the rest of their time cooking, cleaning and jobs that was justified as “vocational training” but in many cases it was really a low-cost way to operate the buildings.

Students were discouraged, and often outright forbidden, from speaking their Aboriginal languages, with survivors telling of receiving the strap and having their mouths washed out with soap for speaking their maternal tongues.

Sports, art and other recreational activities, despite being a source of relief and positive memories for many survivors, were chronically underfunded and they too, were often meant as a way to promote assimilation.

Many schools did not provide their students with enough to eat, with one survivor describing a regular diet of boiled fish, including scales and bones, mixed up with flour.

vuilgebooste asked:

I've seen you previously reblog posts shitting on Kyli for getting lip fillers but now you're celebrating Bruce for getting full body surgery. Can I ask why that is?

Yup… peeped the blog, and I’m going to inform you of two things: 1) do not conflate my critique on racist appropriation of features that black folk get trashed for, yet white woman pay to have, as a cosign on blanket shaming women for how they may alter their bodies. That’s why we have trust issues with white feminist to begin with– you know damn well the argument I was making against Kylie’s lips and it was not about the nature or validity of plastic surgery. 2) I am staunchly anti-radfem, and not here for your attempts to shame that woman for her transition. There are plenty of reasonable critiques to make against Caitlyn Jenner and the widespread acceptance of her journey, versus common struggles other trans folks have to face. I’ve even reblogged a lot of those posts. What you’re not going to do is try to bait me into your problematic territory of thinking. I celebrate anyone courageous enough to live out their truth in a healthy way. Please consider this a request to unfollow me; you will be blocked following this response.

Cop with pro Nazi views kills an unarmed black teen under very suspicious circumstances,

Just after he’s returned from suspension for killing an immigrant cook (he was also unarmed) in equally suspicious circumstances.

WTF? How can this guy still be on the force? Ridiculous.

“I was actually surprised you can take critique so well. Didn’t think you were that kind of person. Kudos for that.” -a white guy thinking I give a shit about his validation after calling me obnoxious, an “entitled bastard” for bringing up the lack of Asian representation in Hollywood, saying representation isn’t important, and telling me to shut up

aw thanks buddy that means so much coming from you ;)

9 Real Girls Discuss Dating Outside Your Race

Relationships are hard enough as it is, but some relationships are more difficult than others. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a racism-free world, so interracial couples face a lot of scrutiny. That shouldn’t happen, but it does. Some people are afraid to be with someone they love because they’re worried about how people will react to them being with someone outside of their race.