People have avoided applying the “terrorist” label to Lubitz, largely out of uncertainty, which is fair. We don’t know if it’s true. But history suggests that, were he a killer of any other shade, we’d be far less generous with our reservations. White killers get the benefit of humanization. We explain their existence through their broken dreams, their struggles and their afflictions. It’s part of why Muslim killers are consistently presented to us in mug shots, or why black victims — like Michael Brown, who never killed anyone at all — are presented as scowling, threatening “thugs.”

Meanwhile, one of the most widely circulated photos of Lubitz has him smiling peacefully in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as the sun sets in the background.

what you say “white people say that only POC can be terrorists!”

What I hear: ”I know absolutely nothing about terrorism or European History. My source of information for everything is either buzzfeed or the CNN. I’ve never heard of IRA, ETA, Resistência Galega or Red army terrorist groups. I don’t even know where the Basque country is in an map.”

Coming from someone who is black,

I hate black tumblr.

Not because I “hate myself”.

Because you’re all fucking racist, vile punks.

It was black tumblr that made me feel like shit, called me “Uncle Ruckus”, told me I’m not “black enough”, said stupid shit like “We don’t want this white loving in the black community” or whatever.

I, honestly, don’t think any of you give a shit about black people at all.

Only YOUR kind of black people.






It’s a question that’s popped up time and again throughout American history, and will undoubtedly continue to rears its head — at least so long as “Sweet Home Alabama” is a staple of classic rock radio. What, really, is the meaning of the Confederate flag? Is it simply a sign of Southern heritage, as former Rep. Ben Jones argued recently? Or is it a symbol of “treason in the defense of slavery,” as Campos writes?

It didn’t take long before the Confederate flag became a symbol of racism, expert James McPherson tells Salon

Salon finally admits: If you’re white, you’re racist

Salon is one of the worst publications that has ever existed. I encourage you never to actually click and read their drivel unless you’ve got strong convictions (and a strong stomach).

But this notion is particularly nefarious. There are several troubling things about this opinion (which, of course, isn’t really an opinion but fodder for the perpetually offended).

1) White people are born white, are they not? Is Salon admitting that some races are genetically predisposed to doing things that are wrong? If so, would they ever apply this line of reasoning to other genetic groups and other situations? Would they ever say “If you’re black, then you are [insert bad characteristic]” or “If you are Asian, then you are [insert bad characteristic]”. Yeah, I don’t see that ever happening. This is a glaring double standard that progressives don’t like to address.

2) Martin Luther King, Jr. said that racism is judging someone based on the color of their skin instead of the content of their character. But Salon is judging every white person by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Hey Salon, this is racism. Here’s a question I’ve posed before: What’s worse, being a racist or accusing an innocent person of being a racist?

3) Does racism still exist? Sure it does! But the ironic thing here is that much of the reason it still exists is because progressives won’t let it die (I love what Morgan Freeman had to say about this). Racism would decrease dramatically if we would stop dividing ourselves up based on race. It’s amazing. One of our country’s mottos is “E Pluribus Unum”, which means “out of many, one”, yet progressives keep dividing us up into different subsets of people, pitting one against the other. Make no mistake, Salon is part of the problem. Not part of the solution.

4) I’ve always thought it was amazing that in a progressive’s worldview, someone like President Obama would be considered “oppressed” because of his skin pigment while my white mother, who was the daughter of a sharecropper, who didn’t have running water or electricity until she was 13, who was forced to do back-breaking labor even as a child, who grew up working with and playing with people of all races and ethnic backgrounds would be considered an oppressive racist. These kinds of sweeping generalizations are deplorable. This isn’t journalism, liberalism or true progressivism. This is madness. And it’s offensive.

5) I find it incredible that the perpetually offended crowd keeps finding racism in “microaggressions.” In other words, racism (and other isms) has improved so dramatically over the years that they now have to be offended by things that are, by definition, tiny. If all you have to be angry about is the fact that people eat 3 meals a day or wear hoop skirts occasionally, then it’s probably time to find another cause.

6) I discovered something long ago about people who feel this way: Often, they are the racist ones. They project their worldview onto others, assuming that everyone must feel the way they do. They write headlines like “If you’re white, you’re racist” because they’re white and racist. I know white parents who have adopted and are raising black children. They love these children as their own. They would die for their children. Is Salon calling these parents racist? If that’s racism, then I suppose I don’t mind racism so much.

Saw this photo on Facebook, posted by a white plus size model, with no caption. The responses are utterly disgusting… Both white men and womxn alike hyper sexualizing this native body, with comments like “I think it’s time to go Native” or “wow I just wanna play checkers on his chest” to someone in Spanish saying “where can I buy him?” *gag* yes, he’s conventionally attractive, but when you dehumanize a person and fetishize them based on their ethnicity/culture, you are contributing to their oppression. Needless to say, I unfollowed and gave them a piece of my mind, though it probably fell on deaf ears.

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To paraphrase Che, we must carry the war against white supremacy into every corner the enemy happens to carry it, to their homes, to their centers of entertainment and employment: a total war. It is necessary to prevent them from having a moment of peace, a quiet moment outside their homes or even inside; we must attack them wherever they may be, make them feel like cornered beasts wherever they may move. Then their moral fiber shall begin to decline, but we shall notice how the signs of decadence begin to disappear.

“When singer & pianist Nina Simone was just 12 years old, her parents tried to sit up front to see her piano recital, but were moved to the back to make room for white guests. Simone refused to play until her parents were moved back up the front and her lifelong involvement with civil rights was born.” 

As seen on the National Women’s History Museum Facebook page

Photograph by Jack Robinson, the Jack Robinson Archive, LLC; 

stop responding to anti-blackout posts

stop responding to racist posts
stop responding to sexist posts
stop responding to homophobic posts
stop responding to anti-sex work posts

all they want is attention
all they want is your time
all they want are notes

their ignorance is not your responsibility
you are not their entertainment

ignore the cave beckys
ignore the neanderthal toms
ignore the douche bags and the assholes

silence their voices as aggressively as they do to the oppressed.

I’m a African-American woman and while at work, a drunk, white guy comes up to me and asks:
“They say light skinned ebony’s are better than dark skinned ebony’s…is that true?”

I didn’t say anything…instead I looked at him dead in the eye. No words. His expression of sarcasm, lust and superiority faded away and he walked away muttering:

“Oh, she must think this stupid white guy…”

No, what I thought was: I will not entertain your stereotype. I will not entertain your ignorance. I will not even give you the opportunity to have a conversation with me. And in a way, I just answered your question with my silence, random white guy.

All ebony’s are not fucking alike. All people are not alike. Who started this dark skin vs light skin thing… why? Can someone explain?

My confession? I think it’s totally stupid that some people “act” accordingly to the color of their skin. I hate that people put other people in boxes or categories - based on stereotypes! It makes me sick.

Report: Racial disparities persist with Colorado marijuana enforcement

DENVER —The report, issued Wednesday by the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance, showed that marijuana arrests in Colorado all but stopped after voters made the drug legal in small amounts for those 21 and older.

But the report noted continuing racial disparities involving the marijuana crimes that remain, including public use and possession in excess of the one-ounce limit…

Even after legalization, blacks were more than twice as likely as whites to be charged with public use of marijuana. Blacks were also much more likely to be charged with illegal cultivation of pot or possession of more than an ounce.