I was invited to a secret santa on deviantart with a bunch of other extremely talented mlp artists and the character I got, in the middle named Racing Diamond, was a GORGEOUS OC. I had a blast working on this even though I got sick by the end, but i’m glad it’s finished. I wish I could of had it done on Christmas but it was not to be. :( Also those BG ponies are just extras, not any particular character. Racing Diamond belongs to Zhampy on DA.

Merry day after Christmas. lol

sports car week … wheel to wheel

the Ferrari 512M of Mario Andretti & Ignazio Giunti battling it out with the Gulf Porsche 917K of Jo Siffert & Brian Redman at the 1970 Watkins Glen 6 Hours

behind them are the 2nd factory 512M of & the Gulf Porsche 917K of Pedro Rodriguez & Leo Kinnunen - they would win the race, the n°1 Porsche would come home 2nd, Andretti & Giunti finished 3rd

further in the background we see Richard Attwood & Kurt Ahrens Jr. in the Audi Porsche 917K (32), Gijs van Lennep & Gérard Larrousse in the Martini & Rossi Porsche 917 (35), Vic Elford & Denny Hulme in the 2nd Audi Porsche 917K (31) & the Ecurie Bonnier Lola-Chevrolet T70 MkIIIB of Jo Bonnier & Reine Wisell

sports car week … racing is life, anything that happens before or after is just waiting

Steve McQueen, during the making of his 1971 movie “Le Mans”, that featured footage from the 1970 24 Heures du Mans
here we see the n°20 Gulf J.W. Automotive Porsche 917K, driven by Jo Siffert & Vic Elford

McQueen was set on starting in the actual race himself, also in a 917, together with Jackie Stewart, but he was not accepted
in the film, he uses the Porsche of Siffert & Elford as if it were his own


Gilles Villeneuve - McLaren Driver for a day

In 1976, James Hunt took part in the non-championship Canadian Formula Atlantic race at Trois-Rivieres, a street circuit in Quebec. He and Alan Jones (both Formula 1 drivers) were blatantly beaten by a younger guy, someone by the name of Gilles Villeneuve, who dominated the race.

Hunt was so starstruck by the Canadian that he had a chat with the then McLaren team principal, Teddy Mayer, and asked him to sign Gilles asap: 

James Hunt: “You only needed to watch him for a couple of minutes to know. I mean, that he was seriously quick. We were driving identical cars for the same team [at Trois Rivieres] so I knew. OK, so he was doing what he was used to, and I wasn’t, but in Formula 1 I reckoned I was as quick anyone at that time, and I couldn’t get near him. He looked to me like a very special talent and I told McLaren we needed him in the team as soon as possible.”

Not only Hunt was surprised, but so was Chris Amon: “This guy is something else again. In 15 years of racing, I’ve never seen anybody behave like he does after a shunt. I mean, he doesn’t react at all.  It’s as if nothing has happened, but the state of the car tells you different.”

Teddy agreed and gave Gilles his Formula 1 debut in Silverstone the following year, driving a third works McLaren M23.

He qualified an impressive 9th, way quicker than Hunt’s regular team-mate Jochen Mass in the other M26. In the early stages the new boy ran an easy 7th before pitting with what seemed like overheating, but proved to be just a faulty temperature gauge. Frustrated, he hurled himself back into the fray and set fifth fastest lap of the race. He finished the race in 10th.

Gilles said: “Originally, I was supposed to have several drives for McLaren this year, but now it looks as though this could be the only one. This is the fastest car I’ve ever driven, and the fastest track I’ve ever seen. I had to learn both in a short time and the simplest way to find the limit is to go quicker and quicker until you go over it. Then you come back from that a bit, and think about the next corner.”

Sadly, Teddy wasn’t at all convinced and so he opted to sign Patrick Tambay as a replacement for Jochen Mass in 1978. What could have Gilles done in McLaren had he been given the seat? We’ll never know…

sports car week … life’s a laugh when you’re a factory Porsche driver

Derek Bell & Stefan Bellof, Rothmans Porsche 956, 1984 Grand Prix International 1000km, Silverstone

qualifying 3rd Bellof & Bell only finished 10th, 17 laps down on the race winners Ickx & Mass
the German & the Belgian would win the race for the 3rd time together - a year later they would win it for a record 4th time