21 Proms by 21 authors

In the spirit of My True Love Gave to Me, some of the biggest names in YA take on one of the biggest nights in any high-schooler’s life: Prom.

It’s supposed to be one of the best nights of your life. Or, at least, you’re supposed to have a good time. But what if you’d rather be going with your best friend’s date than your own? What if a sinister underground society of students has spiked the punch? What if your date turns out to be more of a frog than a prince?

In this anthology, 21 of the funniest, most imaginative writers today create their own kind of prom stories. Some are triumphs. Some are disasters. But each one is a night you’ll never forget.

Now, with a stunning new look!

Contributing authors: Jodi Lynn Anderson, Holly Black, Libba Bray, Elizabeth Craft, Rachel Cohn, Melissa de la Cruz, Daniel Ehrenhaft, Aimee Friedman, John Green, Brent Hartinger, Will Leitch, David Levithan, E. Lockhart, Leslie Margolis, Billy Merrell, Sarah Mlynowski, Lisa Ann Sandell, Ned Vizzini, Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Cecily von Ziegesar, Jacqueline Woodson

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Harriet Smith’s Depressing Show Tunes
An Emma Approved Fan Mix

“Sure, every time we talked on the phone there were depressing show tunes in the background.” — Emma on Harriet

  1. “If I Told You” from The Wedding Singer (Stephen Lynch and Laura Benanti) — Amazon CD (no mp3?)
  2. “I’ll Forget You” from The Scarlet Pimpernel (Rachel York) — Amazon mp3
  3. “How Many Tears?” from Martin Guerre (Maria Friedman) — Amazon mp3
  4. “I Know Him So Well” from Chess (Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson) — Amazon mp3
  5. “There’s a Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q (Stephanie D’Abruzzo) — Amazon mp3
  6. “Not a Day Goes By” from Merrily We Roll Along (Bernadette Peters) — Amazon mp3
  7. “Please” from Miss Saigon (Lea Salonga and Peter Polycarpou) — Amazon mp3
  8. “Love, Look Away” from Flower Drum Song (Lea Salonga) — Amazon mp3
  9. “Hey There” from The Pajama Game (John Raitt) — Amazon mp3
  10. “Losing My Mind” from Follies (Dorothy Collins) — Amazon mp3
  11. "This Nearly Was Mine" from South Pacific (Frank Sinatra) — Amazon mp3
  12. “Time Heals Everything” from Mack and Mabel (Bernadette Peters) — Amazon mp3
  13. “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked (Idina Menzel) — Amazon mp3
  14. “On My Own” from Les Misérables (Frances Ruffelle) — Amazon mp3
  15. “Leave” from Once (Steve Kazee) — Amazon mp3

All the Amazon links go to the mp3 purchase page for the song on the U.S. Amazon site (I don’t have room or time to cover all online retailers, but the one link should help you figure out what album the song is from if you want to purchase it elsewhere).

There are so many songs that I could have added to this but either couldn’t find them on YouTube or thought that they were not quite right for Harriet’s mood. I also tried to limit it to shows that I thought Harriet would be familiar with. What do you think I should have included?

I will never say “everything happens for a reason” or that “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.” Sometimes bad stuff just happens, and you don’t have to be OK with it. What you can do is choose not to define yourself by flaws or bad memories.
'Paralyzed Bride' to Become Mom After Friend Volunteers to Be Surrogate

‘Paralyzed Bride’ to Become Mom After Friend Volunteers to Be Surrogate

Today, Yahoo! Shine posted an update on Rachelle Friedman, known briefly as the ‘paralyzed bride.’

Rachelle Friedman’s story made international headlines in 2010 when she was pushed into a pool at her bachelorette party and suffered a C6 spinal cord injury. A year later, she married the love of her life, but was uncertain if she would ever be able to have a child. Thanks to her blog, a friend…

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This is love. Congrats to Rachelle and Chris!!! Rachelle is the the woman who,a year ago, became paralyzed after one of her bridesmaids pushed her in the pool during the bachelorette party the night before her wedding. Chris, I admire your loyalty to this woman. May you two have many, many happy years together.

Bride to-be Paralyzed by Asshole Friend

Now she can’t afford to lose her single-income medicaid benefits, so she has to cancel wedding.

Huffington Post:

Rachelle Friedman was paralyzed from the chest down after her best friend and bridesmaid pushed her into the shallow end of a pool. Friedman, 25, snapped her neck and floated to the surface.

While Friedman and her fiance, Chris Chapman, remain a couple, health insurance has kept the pair from tying the knot. Friedman’s health insurance is limited and she must rely on medicaid to cover the cost of her care. Marrying Chapman would mean that their combined income would disqualify her from receiving government help.

What’s most terrifying about this is how much it seems like something I’m capable of inflicting on someone else…

Friedman: “I was always kind of scared something was going to mess up my perfect world.”

How would you like that on your conscience?

Friedman: “But I’ve learned that even if things do change you can still make your world perfect… It’s just extremely different, we do everything differently now.”

Oh god. 

By the way, she used to be an aerobics and dance instructor.

Totally pumped to have been awarded a technical achievement for “Unsolicited Dick Pics” under my alias, “Rachelle Friedman”. Thanks, Orange County comedy scene (making a collage as I post this 💦)

anonymous asked:

Do your players currently want any relations/character connections? Like for OCs?

Here are a few that I know of:

  • Jeremy, Carmen Ricollo’s actor ex-boyfriend
  • Rachel, Darcy Friedman’s old neighbor/prostitute
  • Thomas, the stage manager for First Date, Darcy’s friend
  • A male friend for Daniel Leon

If any of our other players want connections, feel free to send them in and I’ll add them!