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EJ Entertainment - Open for applications

We are a UK based non profit K-pop cover entertainment company, who specialises in creating global kpop cover groups.

We hope to work with people all across the globe to produce vocal covers, dance covers, and covers in different languages for global kpop fans.

Here are the rules for applying as a trainee:Can be male or femaleAged between 14 and 22 - This is flexible so if you’re not between these ages you can still submit an entryCan be based anywhere in the worldWe accept any raceYou don’t need the looks of an idol - We’re happy to give anyone a chance since we’re more interested in letting you have fun producing these than having looks, unlike most entertainment companies, we don’t care how our artists look and won’t force you into plastic surgery or anything hehe ^^ We just want you to enjoy what you’re doingYou don’t have to be talented - We will help coach you in improving your skills before you debut if neededMust be willing to put effort into producing these covers - you can’t just get bored and decide to leaveMust be able to speak English - Even if it is only limited, we need to be able to communicate with you.

That is all~ If I think of any more I’ll be sure to add them

To join follow us on tumblr : (This site is still under construction so apologies if any of the links on there do not work just yet)
Or you can email us at: