I’d love to do this sometime if I can ever afford it- obviously not when I’m a student. I’ve heard nothing but good things about racewalk camp, especially under Dave McGovern. My Raleigh Walkers coach thinks highly of him.

Money really is everything in  our society, unfortunately, and I find the lack thereof is a real impediment to my racewalking development sometimes…

My take on racewalking: I know race walking looks pretty funny and I’ll admit I have bashed it in the past. However, a guy who lives on a street next to mine is an avid race walker. Almost every time I go for a run on his street I see him practicing. Like running, racewalking seems like it takes a lot of hardwork. Runners should support racewalkers  because whether you’re fast or slow ultimately we’re all just trying to improve ourselves each day. Also track and cross country athletes definitely know what it’s like to be apart of an under appreciated sport. 

I haven’t gone running since my 10K. I should be doing my weekly 6 miles. But I think my body is exhausted from the last 3 weeks of finals, lack of sleep, roller coasters, parties, and heavy lifting of other people’s belongings. I might seriously take up racewalking.

Poem: Race Walking Soliloquy

You might think I cut an odd figure

walking at the speed of a tram or wild turkey

across squares in the park or along the highway.

I’ve had my share of truckers honk,

housewives offer me rides in their station wagons

as squirrels scurry off bewildered.

I’ve walked across towns, cities,

whole island countries. I’ve kept my form

through blinding heat, pelting rain, and the rare

meteor shower. I’ve held myself back to deal

with the ground in front when it would have been

easy to run. I approach the future

as if it expects the soles of my feet.

There are no admonishments to walking

through museums, basilicas, or in the event of fire.

Walking is not the slower way to go from

Point A to Point B:

it’s the exact impression of

Point A to Point B.

It is the art of getting somewhere with as little

fanfare as possible to be the one who

achieves the singular view.

You only get the full spread of the feast

when you’re the first to the buffet.


For Ann Peel (former World Champion Race Walker and my running partner).

Check out other sports poems by Priscila Uppal inspired by the London 2012 summer Olympic Games.


Netflix Instant Stream Recommendation:

Walk Don’t Run

Adorable. This movie is just adorable. I mean, wow, it really depresses me to think that dating might have really been like this in the 1960s. But still enjoyable.

I just could NOT get over how cute this story line was. How cute Cary Grant looked. How adorable everyone else was. ALSO seeing an American film set in 1960s Japan was amusing. But not as amusing as Cary Grant’s British accent. Amusingly cute.

PS. did you know that racewalking is a real thing!? I guess racers need to keep one foot on the ground at all times. Ugh. This movie. So cute.


I couldn’t forget about a man who bring a lot of happines to our country winning the most important global competitions. R. Korzeniowski - excellent athlete, the best polish racewalker in history, my inspiration and great example of human strenght and resistance. 


About Power Walking or Cardio Steps

The Les Mills Pump program has several days each week for scheduled power walks of 30 to 60 minute duration. A power walk isn’t the racewalking you might have seen in Olympic competition. It’s simply walking that might approach the 7-8 level in the perceived exertion level chart.

In the Fitbit world these are the steps that turn green as shown in my step chart from yesterday. A cardio step is a step that is part of a walking activity of more than 10 minutes duration (no stopping) at a pace that approaches 60 per minute. I had a heart rate monitor on during part of the walking yesterday and the green bars coincided with heart rates ranging from about 96 beats per minute to 120. Fitbit gave me over 1100 calories burned for my steps yesterday due to all the green I registered. In the graph, the red or orange bars are your average run of the mill walking around and the yellow are steps at a pace between regular walking and cardio steps.

All walking beats sitting, but the green cardio steps are where the fitness gold is. A lot of people criticize walking in favor of running or other cardio exercises that produce a higher calorie burn per minute. I actually love walking more as, the calorie burn still adds up, I can spend meaningful time with my wife and dogs while doing it, I’m not eating while I walk and my injury risk is minimal. I encourage everyone to add power walks or cardio steps to their exercise routine.

To start off, this is an article about my  college’s cross-country team in the conference championships yesterday. My name is Cher Armstrong. I run for the Queens College Knights. During the summer, I racewalked for the Raleigh Walkers. Once my eligibility for NCAA expires after the NCAA Regionals meet in Boston on November 5, I’ll be exclusively racewalking. I hope to eventually move myself to a level where I can compete internationally.