Wow. This trip was #epic. 7 weeks on the road for a couple of races. 7 weeks of laughing, crying, ups and downs, new explorations and many old friends not seen for 14 years and new friends on an awesome island I fell I love with. And im not the only one…
Back in new york now! Lets hang out!
#redhookcrit #racetheplace and #fijate2014 thank you for kicking my ass. Wow hope I don’t forget anyone in the next part: @david_august_trimble, nadir olivet, @torontocouriergirl @omarentrevero ? Raphi. @manuelvelez_ , toronto chris, @blood_sells, @notchas @abo4000 @coffeeandbikes @lucasbrunelle @patriasumy @wit_industries @mariangel @masterkingnyc @cinelli_official @crys_ @rafaelbaezccpr @austinhorse @rozhasnoinstagram


I said that I wouldn’t, but I ended up racing this. Definitely one of the most exhilarating races I’ll ever do, but certainly one of the scariest. Lots of sketchy terrain, like concrete block “cobbles”, gravel, massive potholes and even a plywood pump track that — judging by the crowd’s reaction as I went over them — I almost wiped out on during my qualifying lap.

Coming off of my ITT I was within the cut-off for the finals, and when my brother and his friend — who finished eleventh in the ITT and tenth overall in the finals I might add — told me, my heart sank. I just did not want to be on that course with so many people attacking through the twisties and to beat the other racers en route to some perfect ninety-degree corners that turned into footpaths two riders wide.

From what a marshal told me, three people were sent to hospital during the slow speed pre-ride with broken bones. I can’t comment on their bike handling abilities, but I did witness some really risky, inconsiderate and downright reckless maneuvers made by some riders. 

In the end I missed the cut-off by eleven seconds, which I’m satisfied with considering that I was completely out for three months with a really bad knee injury that required seventy days of intense rehab, and it’s only been in the past two weeks that I’ve been able to ride again without pain. And given the shitty weather that we’ve had here in Canada, I could only get out on the bike twice (with two short trainer sessions squeezed in between knee rehab). Now, if this was early January, just before my injury, when I was in peak form for a winter MTB race… 

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Alleycats: How the unsanctioned bike racing movement grew from its Toronto roots into a global phenomenon.

I’m hoping to put in a solid ITT tomorrow so I can get a serious crack at this race.