CultureBLOG: The Republican Race Problem


When Tiger woods had his accident and (ahem) subsequent problems, one comedian (maybe Conan?) made this joke:

“Hey, did you guys hear? Tiger Woods hit a tree and a bunch of women fell out…”

Funny, right? Lately, I’ve been thinking about that joke in a different way. It seems that America elected a black man and ALL the racists fell out. This wave of fear, paranoia and rage is unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. I think I’ve said that at least once a month for the last year and half. Sadly, it just keeps coming.

Now with the congress in recess and home during the month of August, we are being subjected to more of the townhall ugliness that we saw in 2010. While I have never believed in the fundamentals of the GOP, I do believe in the two-party political system and having strong vocal opposition to a governing party. But if I were a conservative right now, I would be ashamed to call myself a Republican. These people are displaying the worst of America and they are representing your party. This man is the president of the Unites States of America. The actions of your party are just disgusting.

The following is a list of some recent incidents and the vicious racism that has completely engulfed the GOP.

CNN: Rodeo Clown Mocks Obama at Missouri State Fair -

Talking Points TPM: ‘47 Percent Negro’: Anti-Obama Protest Turns Racist In Phoenix -

MSNBC: Birthers greet president with ‘Kenyan Go Home,’ ‘Impeach Obama’ signs -

Buzzfeed: TX GOP congressman says “We Probably Have The Votes To Impeach Obama in House” -