• Meanwhile in multicultural Europe…

Norway: in the last year 94% of rape suspects overall were “non-Western-looking:”

Norway: all assault rapes last 5 years have been committed by non-Western immigrants:

Immigrants in Norway are a net loss to the economy:

Immigrants in Sweden are a net loss to the economy:

The Average Somali Immigrant Costs Norwegian Taxpayers More Than 1 Million Euros Each:

Denmark: In 2010, 51.5% of all convicted rapists had immigrant backgrounds:

These are disproportionate rates considering the demographics of the Scandinavian countries:
86.2% of Norway’s population is of Norwegian descent
79.9% of Sweden’s population is of Swedish descent
89.6% of Denmark’s population is of Danish descent

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova: Not a Fan of Kids, Race-Mixing

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has no plans to reproduce, which is probably cause for celebration … and she doesn’t believe in races mixing, either. Say what now? In an interview with GQ, the aspiring plastic-human hybrid slash Ukrainian model (or whatever she is) opens up…

Race mixing isn't disgusting

I saw a picture a while ago that simply said: Race Mixing is Disgusting

Me personally, I think that’s bullshit. This is probably one of the main things that I disagree with most of the people I’m following. Regardless of the fact that no one gives a shit, I’m posting my opinion. Just gotta let this out. 

It’s one thing to dislike or even hate race mixing. I mean, the preservation of one’s race is really important to some people. Some arguments I’ve read have stated that race mixing fucks with diversity because if everyone is mixed, there won’t be, you know, like specific identities or diversity. Cultures would be mushed together. Society would be screwed up. The world would be a massive melting pot. That, to me, isn’t a good thing.

I agree with some of these arguments. I’m white (Irish-German) and want to preserve my culture. It’s important to me,  which is why I plan on marrying in race and raising my kids to be the same. But the statement “race mixing is disgusting” really fucking pisses me off. It spits on people who are mixed. It’s like saying “You are a disgusting product simply because you are mixed”. That may not be what the statement was trying to convey, but that’s just what I got. I mean, in order of their to be race mixing, the act of unprotected (or protected if they’re unlucky) sexual intercourse must occur, which would result in a mixed kid. So therefore the product would be what’s disgusting because if, say, an Asian and an Indian were having sex but didn’t have any kids, there would be no mixed child, which wouldn’t be disgusting.

Whatever. Whoever made it probably wouldn’t call someone disgusting for being mixed, probably didn’t mean for that message to be implied. It’s just what I think some people will get out of it. I just…I would just feel really bad if someone saw that and suddenly thought that like they’re tainted, dirty, etc. because they’re not a “purebred” or anything. 

The value of diversity

Race mixing ought to be looked down upon for a homogenized world is impoverished of the flux that comes about from the conflict of peoples.  To use that flux to further one’s aims of homogenization is the way of parasitic cows.  The purpose of eugenics in a national-socialist state is to purge the undesirables from its land, not to embark on a crusade against them.