Rock Around the Clock. Aka, suicide for someone with social anxiety. It means getting in stage three times in front of crowds of 200+ strangers and doing a two minute performance on a song from the 1940s-1992. You spend half the school year practicing for it and the show is on the last day of school, except parent night which is two days before. And all for a huge grade.
I’ve been in total panic mode over this for the past three months. My team refuses to create a date and meet up to practice and now the show is in just a few weeks. I’m terrified and any time someone mentions RAC I nearly have a panic attack. The only thing that’s been keeping me calm about this is that for the first showing I’d be able to look out in the crowd and see Eli cheering me on. It’s been my security for this. That somehow just seeing him out there, him being there for me would make it all work out. That I’d be okay up there under the stage lights if I could just see him out there supporting me…
Well…guess who can’t make it.
*sigh* someone just kill me already, I can’t handle this

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The Tearsheet team helped build 3 Helping hands in an hour and a half only using one hand. We all worked together as one! The greatest thing about this was that we all put our mind and hearts. #redken #tearsheet #rac2014 #redrock #helpinghand #odysseyteams #mbaezstyle #thebaez #hope #love (at Red Rock Conference Center)