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i’ve given up on the 99 atar but i would swap a 90 atar for kai so i kinda get your feels

I spent my Easter long weekend at Rabbits Eat Lettuce this year, which is the third year in a row I have been camping for Easter. For those who don’t know what Rabbits is, it was a electronic music camping festival, more colloquially known as a ‘bush doof’, but longer and more organized than any other bush doof I have heard of.

Myself, Michael, my friend Jess and her boyfriend Sean all roadtripped up to Coffs Harbour on the Friday, where we stayed at a cheap motel and got drunk playing Jenga and gossiping. On the Saturday we made our way into the bush, about two hours west of Coffs, to Rabbits. The music started that afternoon and didn’t finish until about 2pm on Monday afternoon. Hearing the music blaring and seeing so many people camping in the one area was exciting, but the vibe completely changed by nightfall.

All the colored lights in the trees and bright UV decorative art all over the tents lit up the bush and gave it a magical feel. Most people were dressed up as well, in completely random outfits (there was no real theme the first night) and the night just took off from there. I went a little too hard with the partying, somehow losing all sense of temperature. I was running around in the bush and amongst the lights wearing only a silk kimono and a small onesie underneath - keeping in mind it was a frosty late night/early morning with the ground covered in dew, our breath fogging up the air and half the campsite was also covered in fog. I guess the adrenaline, alcohol and other unnamed substances kept me warm though, because I barely noticed.

All the ‘acts’ were DJ’s, but the most notable act was this one violinist whom worked in conjunction with a DJ. She was incredibly talented and I was basically entranced watching her play, but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why she was at this doof and not somewhere else making more money off her talents, or somewhere where her skills would be more appreciated. I figure she must really enjoy electronic music - I would have never assumed that a violin would work well in this scene but you learn something new everyday.

The next day we just tried to catch up on sleep, which was difficult with the blaring music, but a few restorative cat-naps were managed. Once nightfall came again we wandered back out into the main dance area. I however, having gone too hard the night before, only lasted a few hours before really struggling and headed back to the tent. From what I could tell though, a lot of the campers felt the same because the vibe of the place was a lot more toned down and relaxed than the craziness of the night before.

Monday was basically just a day to eat, pack up and cruise back home - if only it had happened that simply. Due to a slight drizzle most of the small cars (basically anything not  a 4WD, including us) got bogged on the way out and it took some time to get back to the main road. Adding to our car woes, we discovered a oil leak in the car. Where we were had no reception so we had no choice to drive to the nearest petrol station, where we topped up on oil and tried to make it to the next town.

Being a public holiday, no mechanic was open to fix the car, so Michael and I slept overnight in the car to wait for a service. Jess, Sean and a uni friend of Jess - also named Michael who had gotten a lift home with us - hitched a lift to Coffs where they caught a train home to Sydney.

On Tuesday, we got the oil leak sealed by the mechanic, but after leaving the town we discovered even more issues. We managed to get the car to Coffs and a VW service place, but after being stuck in Coffs for the day with no guarantee of how long it would take to fix the car, we caught the night train back to Sydney, arriving around 7am today.

All in all, great Easter long weekend but really terrible trip home which ended up taking two extra days. I will post photos now.