liam literally just laid it all out there for us, they’re all so saddened by zayn leaving and it’s the worst week they’ve had as a band and he’s asking for our support so please don’t lose faith in them, don’t lose faith in the four of them and whatever decisions they are going to make in the future. this is even harder for them than it is for us, so please remember they need us as much as we need them. 

what to eat ranch with:

  • nothing, you are thereby allied with the white devil once you touch ranch, and i will not associate with you…….. ever

I fucking love you guys, y’all the best. Uhhh, I’m going to do a thing but I left it in my car which is parked a decent way down the street so that’ll be up tomorrow. Its gonna be cool tho’.

As much as missing it hit 1k sucked, it’s really fucking great to actually make it this far. Shit I was elated to make it past 100, this is surreal. Big Thanks to all of you!

I got 1k and someone told me to upload a selfie. This is the weirdest selfie ever, it’s not cute and it’s not one of my best but it shows the happy/goofy side of me.😌 I also look 12, but I’m a lot older than that lmao.

  • October when it's 45 degrees:what have we done to deserve such a fate *puts on 3 layers of clothing, a winter coat, 2 pairs of gloves, and boots before setting foot outside*
  • March when it's 45 degrees:god has blessed us with a beautiful day honestly i feel inspired *opens windows, goes outside with no jacket, smiles at strangers as they pass by*