liam literally just laid it all out there for us, they’re all so saddened by zayn leaving and it’s the worst week they’ve had as a band and he’s asking for our support so please don’t lose faith in them, don’t lose faith in the four of them and whatever decisions they are going to make in the future. this is even harder for them than it is for us, so please remember they need us as much as we need them. 

i hope i never become famous actually because i’ll be on the red carpet answering an important question and suddenly be like ‘fuck sorry can you repeat that chris evans is over there smiling about something’

what if you were nude at a nude beach but you really had to take a shit and you couldn’t find any restrooms nearby so you had to hold it in… naked, so people can see poop peeking out your booty hole like whack-a-mole this is a true fear