… wow, I am in a cranky mood today. Here is what I’ve decided to do as self-care about that:

  • Put on a pair of my bloomers that actually have “cranky” embroidered on them, because I can laugh gently at myself.
  • Brew a pot of the Evil Bunny Alliance tea.
  • Put on a bombastic eye candy movie. I’m dithering between Interview With The Vampire, Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, or The Woman In Black.
  • Cut out and add more strips of lace and sheer fabric to the tattered nightmarepunk skirt. (The RealHusband and the Infamous BlueJay HAAAAATE that skirt, but I think it’s fun.)
  • Go away from Teh Interwebs for a few hours. 

So, I’ll be back later tonight. Treat yourselves and everyone else kindly, and don’t burn the place down. (Because if you do that and I miss it, I will be VERY CROSS with all of you.)

a lot of ocd-awareness posts (on the relatively rare occasion that I see them), I’m like, ooh, I’ll reblog—

reads post

nah :/

a lot of it isn’t relatable to me personally, and i dunno if that’s because the OP doesn’t understand the disorder as much as they think they do or if they’re generalizing their own experience to people with OCD as a whole

side note: as a psych major, i generally don’t trust any blog with ‘psych’ or ‘psychology’ in the name. raaaaarely credible