RA 31 Day Challenge: A scene which made you cry

Oh my God, do I have to say it? I have already said that the most emotional scene for me was the season finale of Spooks series 9 when it turns out Lucas is  not really Lucas and everybody is looking for him because he is going to do a very bad thing, but he does it for love. But being more specific the moment when I was crying and was in total negation was the rooftop scene….. yep




(x I found this gif in Fanpop, there is no link to the owner, if it is you tell me so I can accredit you)

This was the moment I threw myself to the floor with the intention of dying :c It is funny because somehow I knew what was going to happen but I didin´t want it to happen so I kept saying “No, it can´t be, it´s not like Sherlock or GoT, he won´t die” and dear me I was wrong :c I had to rewatch the scene to accept it and…. you know… all that.

Spooks generated by brain-body mismatch (Nature News)

Some people with relatively rare types of brain injury experience a  ‘feeling of a presence’. A study involving a dozen such patients, published today in Current Biology1, suggests that the eerie feeling may arise when a person’s brain fails to integrate properly the different signals it receives from the limbs, such as those generated by touch and information about their position in space. The researchers also reproduced the illusion in healthy volunteers in the lab, with the help of purpose-built robots.