I knew you were weird

Dragging his feet through the hallways, Hanji groaned like a zombie as he made his way to his lab. Even after multiple tests, homework given and graded, along with 4 lectures (that he didn’t have to give, but wanted to since his students skipped usually), he knew he shouldn’t be but, was unfortunately bored.

Desperately wanting something to do the scientist entered his lab and decided to work for a while on a few tests he’d left. Give himself time to think of something, but after only a few hours he realized that his mind was becoming clouded, his eyes droopy and his movements slowed; realizing then that he’d, once again, become high on the fumes. 

The scientist groaned and stood on shaky legs, his thoughts immediately going to his favorite pass time; misplacing things from Levi’s office and watching him search for them. Well, today the intoxicated scientist decided to go a step further. 'Gonna destroy the whole place.' he thought in a drunken haze, rushing from his lab (bumping into walls and people) and making his way to the short males office.

But once he was there, and the door swung open, Hanji stopped in his tracks, eyes narrowed as he lift his glasses and sighed heavily, clearing his throat to get the taller mans attention and fighting back giggles as he watched Mike move around the large office, doing… “What the fuck are you even doing, Mike? Jeez fuck I knew you were weird, but…are you sniffing sneakily?” he couldn’t hold his laughter anymore and he bellowed, bending over and clutching his stomach as he cackled at the tall man. This was just too good. 

Hanji moved into the room completely, swaying as he took a step, and kicked the door closed, leaning against it. “You’re so bizarre!” he snorted, rubbing at his eyes to clear the tears. Now the scientists’ mind wandered to different things. Well, at least he wouldn’t be bored for a while.