I’ve always been inspired by the world around me. What better way to capture it then to snap a photo of it and immortalize it forever?

I see the world through lenses, think of the world in terms of aperture and shutter speeds.

Photography has the ability to capture that which cannot be expressed in words, is a way of presenting the essence of visual reality, and is a means by which a photographer can share his/her own perspective of the world.

About my photos: Canon 70D, 18-200mm telephoto, Adobe Lightroom 5


Japanese colors

The difference between Japanese colors and English colors is there is a noun and an “adjective” for each. The noun is before the ( ). To turn it into an adjective to describe nouns, add the letter in parentheses. あお (blue) => あおいそら (blue sky) simple as that! :)

あか(い)| red
オレンジ(の)| orange
きいろ(い)| yellow
みどり(の)| green
あお(い)| blue
むらさき(の)| purple
ピンク(の)| pink
グレー(の)| grey
くろ(い)| black
しろ(い)| white

Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a photographer from New York City currently based in Brooklyn. I mostly document neighborhoods and shoot landscapes with a creative twist and a childlike curiosity. 

Some more of my work can be found here: