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hello! do you have a masterlist on your imagines for mobile users? =]

Here are all my writing pieces as of today [05/26/15] :)

  1. Ross gif imagine
  2. Riker imagine, you meet at a concert
  3. Ellington imagine, you give birth
  4. Riker imagine, you two fight
  5. You and your best friend get into a fight
  6. Riker imagine, he doesn’t notice you at first
  7. The fan’s favourite twitcam moment
  8. Riker imagine, you meet his family
  9. Ross imagine, you teach him how to speak french
  10. Riker imagine, first I love you
  11. Ross imagine, r5 comes to your party
  12. Ross imagine, you find out you’re pregnant
  13. Riker imagine, you watch a scary movie together
  14. Ross imagine, you surprise him on tour
  15. Ross imagine, he finally makes a move
  16. Ross imagine, he’s sick
  17. He has the stomach flu
  18. Ross imagine, you fight and his family solves the problem
  19. He meets your parents for the first time
  20. Ross imagine, your honeymoon in Hawaii
  21. Picture imagine
  22. Ryland imagine, his siblings tease you two
  23. Ross imagine, you argue then things get a bit steamy
  24. Ross imagine, he’s a dad
  25. Ross imagine, he goes to your foot surgery
  26. Riker BSM imagine, you’re young and wet the bed
  27. Rocky BSM imagine, you have cramps
  28. Ross imagine, Riker talks to you about your feelings toward his brother
  29. Ross imagine, he thinks you’re not spending enough time with him
  30. Rocky imagine, his birthday
  31. Ross imagine, you have a bad dream
  32. Ross blurb, bus bunks
  33. Ross imagine, you cry during a fight
  34. Ross blurb, he warms you up
  35. Extreme Ross fluff
  36. Ross blurb, he helps you study
  37. Ross blurb, you bake together
  38. Ross blurb, snuggles
  39. Ross blurb, you’re sick
  40. Ross imagine, you tell him you’re pregnant
  41. Ross imagine, you use the safe word
  42. Ross imagine, you hurt yourself while cooking
  43. Ross imagine, someone comes to your house late at night
  44. R5 blurb, showering/bathing
  45. Riker imagine, he cheers you up
  46. Ross imagine, you connect at a show
  47. Rocky blurb, first I love you
  48. Ross blurb, a lazy day
  49. Ross blurb, thinking of baby names
  50. Rydel blurb, shopping
  51. Ross blurb, Friday night
  52. Ross blurb, he plays with your hair
  53. BSM/SSM preference, they’re protective
  54. Riker imagine, your daughter’s wedding
  55. Blurb, kisses
  56. Riker imagine, he proposes
  57. Riker imagine, you go to his DWTS rehearsal
  58. Ross imagine, sex in public
  59. Blurb, turn ons
  60. Ross imagine, he’s too shy to ask you out
  61. Ross imagine, you surprise him on tour
  62. Riker imagine, you cheer him on at DWTS
  63. Ross imagine, another guy hits on you
  64. Ryland imagine, your ex flirts with you
  65. Ross imagine, you’re young and you wet the bed
  66. Ross imagine, Raura rumors
  67. Ross imagine, you write music together
  68. Ross imagine, you’re on your period
  69. Riker imagine, your third anniversary
  70. R5 blurb, when they’re stressed

the way ross’s face expression does not change between these pics

[i don’t own this gifs/photos/videos or whatever it is. if you want me to stop using your own made gifs or photos to my posts, please contact me]