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Daily 5-Minute Make Up Tutorial by r4ygun

I do not have skills enough for this

gayhowl asked:

b, f~

  • B - What is your first thought when you receive a message on Tumblr, are you excited for the idea of someone from potentially the other side of the world wanting to talk to you or fearful that someone will criticize you?

Excited. I like meeting and interacting with people! ^~^

  • F - If you could take on the exact body and form of anyone else on Earth, who would it be?

Probably r4ygun, she’s gorgeous. *-*

r4ygun said: They do combine orders tho! I got all of my stuff in just one (huge) package~ Ordered around 30 things I think.

I knew they did that, but what I meant was they don’t lower the shipping price for larger orders ; ~ ; Or did they do that for you?? I know they haven’t for me, but I’ve known other Taobao agents who did idk

(Also, I miss your cute posts little lady ; 3 ;)

pandacake143 said: Thanx for posting the Taobao/ BuyChina info! It helped clear the hesitation I had from using the site & shipping agent. If you have any more advice/ experience to share with us, you should do more posts like this. Thanks again! 🙈🙉🙊XoXo

I haven’t made very many since starting up the new blog, but I have a ton of old posts similar to this one that I salvaged on my resource blog, here ; u ; Maybe you’ll like some of those!