Hi! I’ll open pencil sketch commission like this!

The price is $6 per character (+$4 for additional 1 more character) and max 2 characters in one paper.

What I’ll draw:
-Anything with humanoid (OC, game/anime/manga characters)
-I’m okay with drawing animal as long as they’re real animal (not mythical creature like dragon) and it still counted as ‘character’ (so if you order ‘a man with his cat’ the price will be $10))
-No BG

What I won’t draw:
-detailed armor/accessories/costume (if you still want me to draw it, I’ll charge more)
-NSFW (R15 is okay)

I’ll draw it in A6 size paper and I will send the finished result to your home (via ordinary mail), for free. Of course, that’s if you’re okay with sharing your address.

(Also I still have some commission in my hand so I’ll finish yours after I finish my current commissions!)

If you interested please message me! Also, signal boost will be really help a lot.