Amelia smiled when she heard his text tone, looking down and seeing an email from Sirius.  She walked into her room and opened it, shocked to see another cut of their sextape.  She tilted her head to the side, feeling the heat pool between her legs as she watched.  She almost called him in that moment, but instead she waited.  She knew he would be walking into the event with Marlene in a few minutes.  She walked down and crawled into his bed before her hand trailed down her body, beginning to work over herself so she was already panting by the time she dialed him.

Three ships have held a simultaneous Replenishment at Sea in the Gulf of Oman in a highly complex manoeuvre during which they could be no more than fifty metres apart.

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As Lucca entered his room on their current base, he would never expect he would find someone laying on his bed, apparently waiting for him. - “Well, hello, there. When they said to me to celebrate my birthday, I wasn’t expecting a present like you.”

Murmuüre by Murmuüre [rec’d by Tunco]

If this album’s bandcamp page hadn’t proclaimed it to be black metal I don’t think I’d have associated Murmuüre with the genre any more than the myriad of others it evokes. When this album begins (after what sounds like a sample of cartoon noises) it sort of sounds like the noodling in between songs on prog records, electronic washes and swoops of guitar noise. The opener climaxes into something with some booming metal drumming, but it’s choked in billowing feedback noise. And in spite of how thick the guitar tones are, there’s always a sense that the album is holding back (until perhaps the end of Amethyst); it’s a lengthy exercise in tension.

The whole thing is purportedly constructed out of “a one hour guitar improvisation from November 2006”. The thing is distorted to the point that it’s full of chimerical pseudo-melodies, echoing about breathlessly. They’ve taken the guitar track and embellished it with what sounds like a cavalcade of effects from every possible source, including “original programmed drums, and some (extremely re-edited) additional live drumming” and (completely smothered) “vocals recorded during a cathartic trance at a sacred place in the forest, with a mini-disc recorder”. It’s difficult to tell, but I imagine there are many additional dozens of synth/pedal noise/field recordings/feedback tracks at any given point.

What Murmuüre have assembled is intentionally a totally monstrous mess of sound, that mostly feels quite directionless, but is always very impressive. They emulate so many styles and inspire so many adjectives that it’s impossible to take it in as a cohesive experience - but that seems to be the whole point, and I enjoyed it a lot.

>> Stephen


‘The timing is not unhelpful. We could  have decided to call it off or divert it  away from Gibraltar to avoid offending  the Spanish. But there was absolutely no question of that.’

Great Britain, pissing Spain off since 1713

LIONCAGE (Germany) 1st album “Done At Last” out on June 19th through Escape Music. Download will be available from May 10th at major online stores.

ドイツの LIONCAGE のファーストアルバム “Done At Last"、6月19日 Escape Music よりリリース。5月10日には大手オンラインストアにてダウロード配信開始!日本盤も出る予定。

Paralytic Stalks by of Montreal [via Donfuy]

This album’s fun. It’s kind of indie rock with various influences from all over the place (including disco!), but the one I notice most often is the psychedelia stuff. That’s mostly seen with all kinds of fun and crazy effects that randomly get turned on and make things awesome. Which brings me to my first point, this album is very well produced. The sounds are very dense and complex with a whole lot to listen for (I swear they have an orchestra) but at the same time you can make out the lyrics pretty easily. I mean, if the singer’s actually enunciating properly you can. Which brings me to the lyrics. They’re pretty weird. I understand this is something that of Montreal does on a regular basis, so whatever. Kind of a dissonance going on with the music, but I think it works. At the very least the vocals aren’t grating and very well integrated with the mix.

The album mostly has pretty upbeat songs, which is usually how I roll, but it gets really freaking weird at the end, starting with about a third through Wintered Debts. That’s good. Capitalize on that good feeling that was going on in the rest of the album and make really dark stuff come out of nowhere. Then you can use all the studio tricks for evil. Lots of creepy sounds, reverb, strings playing whatever damn notes they feel like, that sort of thing. It’s really upsetting, which I think is the purpose. It’s also annoying.

Standout tracks include Spiteful Intervention, Dour Percentage, We Will Commit Wolf Murder, and Ye, Renew the Plaintiff. Low point is Exorcismic Breeding Knife which gets on my nerves after a few minutes, which means I have about 5 minutes of being annoyed. Basically, I love this album whenever it’s in upbeat mode, and kind of tolerate it when it’s in random noises mode.

>> xwd

Black Sands by Bonobo [via xwd]

I think this is the kind of album that I was after when I criticised Rose’s ambient recommendation. ‘Black Sands’ clocks in at roughly half the length (or at least it seems like it) and provides an eclectic range of sounds to spice up its electronic textures. The short but utterly gorgeous Prelude, for example, makes superb use oriental melodies (think the ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ soundtrack), which I’ll admit I have a weakness for. After a seamless transition into the album’s second track, Kiara, the album’s electronic elements come to the fore while retaining a few of the sonic motifs of the opening track. Along with the slightly jazzy third track Kong, these opening tracks demonstrate a consistent yet experimental and varied approach which means that the album never truly becomes boring. Though some of the later tracks perhaps don’t hold up as well as the earlier ones – The Keeper in particular introduces a vocal aspect that I don’t think was necessary - but this is nonetheless a solid album throughout and a thoroughly pleasant listen.

Grade A-

>> Seneschal

The Invitation by Thirteen Senses [via trance]

I hear a few other bands in this album. The piano is very Ben Fold Fivey to me, and some of the instrumentation reminds me of Jack’s Mannequin. The vocals are 100% britpop, and that’s not directly a bad thing, but it gets boring and tedious during the course of the album. One of the songs is basically divided into three parts, but none of the parts mesh well.

A few songs I liked were the opening song Into The Fire. The guitar riff is excellent and his voice is quite pleasant. Gone sounds very similar to the opening song, except for a quieter guitar melody. Lead Us features a piano part which (as stated above) sounds similar to BFF, a big plus for me. The last song I enjoyed is Last Forever because he vocalizes in it, and I love vocalizations.

Overall it’s a good listen, but I just didn’t like it as much as I wanted to.

>> Aidiera

White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity by Swans [via Stephen]

I had already heard another Swans album, ’Children of God’, before this, and disliked it. Stephen wanted me to listen to this anyway because of the stylistic difference, so I did. The thing is, though, I don’t really recognize much of a difference. Granted, it’s been a year or two since I listened to ‘Children of God’, but the overall atmosphere seemed to be similar: medium-length songs that drone on a moderate amount with a typically dark atmosphere behind it. It didn’t work on 'Children of God’, and it mostly doesn’t really work here. It’s not that this is bad, it’s just nothing special to my ears. I guess the word I’m looking for is mediocre. That said, there was one track that stood out to me: Failure. Holy shit, that song is dark. Swans is generally dark to the extent of their music that I’ve heard, but this… this is an entirely different level of Swans. It’s a good song, but not quite enough to save the album as a whole, in my opinion. Still, this is definitely better than 'Children of God’ to me.

>> Rose

Menos El Oso by Minus The Bear [via Aidiera]

This album felt like it sort of just flew by as I was listening to it, despite the ~40 minute album length. A track-by-track approach is useless here, each song is good as one another; the standard being ‘alright’. None of the songs stand out in comparison to one another, most of them have a similar style; albeit it got a bit more fast paced as I eventually reached the end of the album.

It made me do air drums; it was a fun and generic (doesn’t denote a bad quality, in this case) post-rock listen.

>> Tunco

Regeneration by The Divine Comedy [via Seneschal]

When giving this to me, Sen said it’s one of his favorite albums ever. I can’t say I feel anywhere near as strongly about it. Regeneration is an album of very classy baroque britpop. It’s a highly enjoyable listen, but not a particularly intense one. This is really the sort of album should probably be approached with a track-by-track mindset, but I’m unfortunately not in the habit of paying attention to such stuff, unless it’s one of my favorite albums ever, which this is not. Certainly worth a listen, though.

>> gloomp

Regresa al Vértigo by Agora [via Rose]

Fuck yes! Prog metal… and it’s awesome. Now, firstly, I have to say, I’m not Spanish or Mexican, yet the album is exclusively in Spanish. But, I don’t care. It’s a band that does progressive metal and doesn’t just try to copy Dream Theater. This is awesome. It starts out with a 1 minute intro, and leads into a groovy first song. Actually, that’s one word that can describe the album, groovy. There’s a lot of groovy riffs on this album, and it’s done properly so it doesn’t feel out of place (I Declare War I’m looking at you …). It’s interesting, as it isn’t all heavy riffs; there’s some great soloing on this album as well. It is paced properly so it doesn’t feel like it’s relentlessly heavy all the time, or just wanking off solos all the time (DragonForce I’m looking at YOU …). I love this album. I’ll be getting some of their previous material now, if you’ll excuse me. If you’re a fan of progressive metal, I highly recommend it. 10/10 for this album. Go buy it off iTunes now.

>> mediate