We Could Have All Night → Ravi & Wyatt [Para]

Wyatt was sitting outside the Omega House as he scrawled out a hasty textto Ravi, simply asking 'Where R U?' Wyatt was just glad it wasn’t the dead of winter. Ravi had been a little…frustrated to say the little the past few nights, and although Wyatt had tried to help out Ravi the other night, he simply hadn’t been in full form to help out his regular hook up buddy the way he wanted. As Wyatt waited for Ravi to show up, he just hoped none of his Omega brothers made an appearance outside. That was one awkward conversation he didn’t wanna have.


Love it.❤
I contour and hinglite my cheeks with Yves Rocher ‘R001’ bronzer (3 shades) and Mary Kay liquid foundation.
Then i do that smokey eye with H&M brown SMOKY palet.
Eyelines i do with Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner.
Then i put some pink blush on my cheeks.
And last but kot least lips! I got my gosh lipstick and puy it on my lips and then some lipgloss.

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