the debut book from @afrofuturistaffair creative director & metropolarity founding member, Rasheedah Phillips  ++++++ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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ships APRIL 5, 2014!!

The interweaving stories in Recurrence Plot and Other Time Travel Tales present characters whose stories challenge the notion that time flows in only one direction. If you want to understand what is happening at any given point in time, you cannot only look to the past for clues. You must consider the future.

A journalist races against time itself to expose the entity preying on young male teens in Philadelphia. A crystal, memory-storing bracelet transports a young mother back to the day of her own mother’s traumatic death. An unknown force of nature causes time to start flowing backwards…

Using quantum physics as an imaginative landscape, Phillips’ debut speculative collection Recurrence Plot attempts to walk the fine line between fiction and reality, fate and free will, and past, present, and future.

240 pages.


Combining two notable brain stimulation techniques, the psychotemporal transcranial stimulation device (PTSD) uses a noninvasive method to stimulate several targeted brain regions responsible for memory and time perception. The PTSD utilizes an electric coil set in place above the targeted region of the scalp with rapidly changing magnetic fields to induce small electrical currents in the brain; simultaneously, a constant, low current is delivered directly to the targeted brain areas via small dermal electrodes. \

Queer Sci-Fi Reading Series
From the files Baron Harkonen Solo-Margiela, District 98234.

For 100 years, LASER LIFE has provided the denizens of the hollowed out, Siberian dystopic husk formerly known as West Philly, with the one and secret voice. Fashioning antennaes from bones of dead CEOs and the rotting the planks of the Comcast building onto abandoned warehouses and hipster enclaves, it’s ever revolving cast of miscreants and saboteurs have been broadcasting the last zombie drenched signal of hope out into the universe. They are all just the strange fags and three-eyed queers caught stealing fruit and guns at the intergalactic bazaar, stowing away on the Millennium Falcon, and photo-bombing the white washed sardonic landscapes of even the most triumphant Capt. Kirks in victory pose. We’ve found them. This is their Santeria, this is their church.

known, dangerous throughout the galaxy:

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela— the weaver
the curator for the still untitled literary salon, Johnson-Valenzuela has created stark, unflinching habitats where we all clatter and bang, brushing our empty tin cans against the rusting steel bars of life. 
*powers and abilities: Dream weaving, mind control

Suzy Subways— the spark
west philly’s own urban cosmic enchantress, Subways weaves the cityscape— all burnt out husk and Orwellian encroachment— into shifting beautiful literary orbs
*powers and abilities: tactical firearms, laser cannon, silent weapons

and the Metropolarity crew…

Shane Jenkins— the anthropomorph
powers and abilities: Shape Shifting, Startocasting, astral projection

Science-Is Fiction— the time traveler
powers and abilities: teleportation, quantum digitization, spell casting

Ras Mashramani — alien goddess
powers and abilities: flight, anti-gravition manipulation, light speed

Magus Æighteen— the cyborg
powers and abilities: empathy, cybernetic link, machine/A.I. manipulation

Alex Smith— the vigilante
powers and abilities: ghosting, shadowtalking, boyfriend stealing