Insane “Trick ‘r Treat” Sam Cosplay

The warm glow of jack o’ lanterns. The crisp Autumn air. The orange leaves covering sidewalks for miles. The list of things I love about Halloween, and the Fall season in general, could go on and on ad nauseam.

Not to mention that I love horror films, in case you hadn’t noticed.

That said, there is perhaps no other motion picture that captures the feeling of fall and celebrates Halloween as perfectly as Michael Dougherty’s horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat. It is, in my humble opinion, the essential Halloween film, rightfully standing alongside such classics as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

So check out this amazing Sam cosplay, as well as more of Rebecca’s work by clicking here.

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The packaging got me. It practically jumped off the shelf and said “you need me, right now”. Ever since I added a little R + Co to my morning routine, my hair and bathroom have become so much…cooler


I’ll start with the dry shampoo, so dry it’s actually Death Valley Dry Shampoo. Two fold satisfaction with this product. 1) The tribute to death valley on the container (or, the packaging that demanded attention) and 2) the dry shampoo itself. This dry-shamp as opposed to others didn’t leave white residue in my hair. Even after wrestling my fingers around a bit, sometimes dry shampoo resins sneak back to my roots. Which is unacceptable. Death Valley leaves no residue, but still diminishes oil and gives flat hair a little umph.  

The Park Ave Blow Out Balm (New York on my product, yes) came to my assistance this morning. In the midst of a rain storm, I needed to blow dry my hair. After rubbing the balm through my perhaps-too-long locks and proceeding to blow dry, I made it to work with minimal frizz. Note, I also rubbed the balm in my hands and over my hair after it was dry.

It is easy to see why this line is a favorite among-st hair stylists and salons. The products are incredible quality, and the packaging. I mean. Have you seen anything like it?

Does This: Resin free dry shampoo and anti-frizz blow dry balm
Is This: R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo & Park Ave Blow Out Balm
Get This: Space Nk
Price: Death Valley Dry Shampoo $29  | Park Ave Blow Out Balm: $28

Products c/o the brand, Image Karlie Kloss for Vogue Netherlands


falling in love at a coffee shop (but not really)

Celebrity!Peeta inspired by this post, written for dracoisalooker76, who is amazing! Thanks for the wish fulfillment that is AIWHFY. You deserve a million times more than this!

The first time she meets him she is at the Starbucks in the Student Union, stuck tapping her foot impatiently as she waits beside a gaggle of whispering freshman girls for her Grande Iced Passion Tea. They’re staring at the two guys learning against the counter, a hulking boy with dark skin and a darker scowl that Katniss can relate to, and a shorter blond guy with curly blond hair and an obnoxiously wide smile. The blond one is chatting with the starry-eyed barista who is handing over two Venti Whipped Something-or-others and hanging on his every word.

“Um, excuse me,” Katniss says in irritation, elbowing her way to the counter. She scowls at the smiling blond before narrowing her eyes at the barista. “Literally all of us ordered before him,” she says, gesturing with her thumb to the girls behind her. There is a murmur in the air that she ignores.

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Deepika Padukone, Karan Johar, Kangana Ranaut, Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor covers ‘Vogue India’ : I’m love with this cover so badly that I’m gonna buy the first copy I see. Karan, Aamir and Ranbir just very classy. As for Deepika, the queen looked beautiful in a red Prabal Gurung gown. Kangana rocked the Alexander McQueen gown totally.

The issue also consisted of Alia Bhatt looking gorgeous in a Zac Posen classic gown, our handsome hunk Yuvraj Singh, dreamy Ranveer Singh in a burgundy suit, the renowned journalist Barkha Dutt in Sabyasachi, Sudha Murty Ji, Tanya Dubash and non other than AR Rahman.

Everyone looked just fantastic. A perfect cover!

إليزابيث كوبلر-روس، طبيبة نفسية (سويسرية-أميركية) مختصة بدراسة الموت والخسارة، الفقدان والحزن/الحداد، (1926-2004)، في هذه الاقتباسات تحكي عن الجمال في الكائن “المشوّه”. عن الجوهر اللامع في سماء الغبار.

وطاغور، شاعر ومسرحي بنغالي كبير (1861-1941)، في دعاء يحترم فيه ذاته وقدرتها على الخلاص والبصيرة.

إليزابيث كوبلر-روس:
في الواقع سوف تفجع دائماً وأبداً. لن تتجاوز موت محب، سوف تتعلم أن تتعايش مع هذه الخسارة. سوف تشفى وتبني نفسك من جديد حول محور الرحيل الذي عانيت منه. سوف تكتمل مجدداً ولكنك لن تعود أنت. لن تكون مثلما السابق. لن تعود أنت ولا يجب أن تتمنى ذلك.

تعلم أن تتواصل مع الصمت في داخلك، واعلم أن لكل شيء في الحياة مبتغى. ليس وجوده عن خطأ او عن صدف، كل الأحداث نعم قدمت إلينا لنتعلم منها.

الأشخاص الأجمل من بين الذين قابلتهم هم أولئك الذين عرفوا الهزيمة والكفاح والعذاب والخسارة، ووجدوا طريقتهم الخاصة للخروج من الأعماق السحيقة. هؤلاء الأشخاص لهم رؤيتهم وحساسيتهم وفهمهم للحياة. يملؤهم التعاطف والتواضع والبساطة، والقلق المحب العميق. الأشخاص الجميلون لا يأتون من لا شيء.

طاغور: - ترجمة بديع حقّي

دعني أتقدّم بصلاتي، لا لأكون بمنجى من الأخطار، ولكن لأقابلها وجهاً لوجه دون وجل.
لا لأسأل التفريج عن ألمي، ولكن ليكون لي الجَلَد على تحمّلها.
لا لأتوسّل في رعب شديد، بغية النجاة، ولكن لأتعلّل بالصّبر حتى أظفر بحريتي.
هيّء لي، يا رب، ألاّ أكون جباناً لا أستشعر بنعمتك إلا حين أصيب النجاح، بل دعني أظفر بضمّة يدك في خذلاني.

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