Joly’s cane needs to be in more fanwork. Joly using his cane to move things that are far away and accidentally knocking things over onto Bossuets lap. Joly using his cane to lightly smack Grantaire in the shins when he says something bad about himself. Joly using his can to not so lightly smack people who also say bad things about Grantaire

Joly needing his cane to walk long distances but forgetting it all the time and having to sit down on random benches and text Musichetta or Bossuet to bring them. And once on a adventure where with all of the les amis Joly’s cane falls into a river and Grantaire carries him around all day.

Joly’s cane being un-fucking-breakable, like bossuet has fallen on it, it has fallen out of three story buildings, it has been used to beat the shit out of people and it is still just as strong as it always has been.

Joly’s cane having tiny little flowers painted on it by Grantaire and little lines of poetry etched on it by Jehan. Joly 100% not being there for buildings with lots of stairs that dont have elevators, and always goes to whoever is in charge to talk to them about it.

Joly’s cane


they forgot matty at the toilet



"my bf does my makeup challenge" bc moronoke wanted us to do this and i didnt fuck up their face completely so…


Trên mặt bàn, dưới nền đá hoa là bức tranh tĩnh vật ngổn ngang, màu mỡ, đầy phong vị tết nhất.

Miếng thịt lợn ba chỉ, khổ mỡ dày nửa gang tay, chềnh ềnh, trắng ngộn. Cà chua đỏ hồng. Cà rốt đỏ gạch. Miếng bóng vàng ngậy. Bó hành xanh bóng. Hoa xúp lơ trắng ngà… Tất cả chỉ là thịt, là rau, là miếng sống, miếng chín vẫn ăn cả thôi mà sao vẫn hiển nhiên vẻ đặc sắc khác thường!

-Mùa lá rụng trong vườn. 


Sáng nay làm chương trình Tết. Cũng bánh chưng bánh tét, cũng hoa mai dưa hấu. 

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