Zayn ft. Big Payno

anonymous asked:

Am I the only 1d fan that's excited to hear solo music from zayn? (If he's even making any) I think it'll be exciting to hear his own personal style, because it's not like he didn't contribute in 1d but we all know based on his taste that's it's not his favorite genre to sing. He just has the perfect voice for r&b

Yeah same kinda I just wish he wouldve been honest 

s-amwinchester asked:

[anon voice] r u still secretly martin freeman


*wise man voice* u can take marting freeman away from teh secret, btu u canmt take the secret awya freom martndi fream n


anonymous asked:

Even if he goes solo or featuring I don't think he'll be in "big arenas" thing. I see him more like Adele and Emeli Sande kind. I only hope I will hear his beautiful voice singing R&B

what if he ends up like Sia, never showing his face

if you’re having a hard time go find some of those inspirational posts

and if you’re like me and struggle to tell yourself that you are beautiful and amazing in your own voice

read them in Dean Winchester’s voice

trust me, hearing Dean say that you’re a lovely lil’ nugget will help you juice the value out of it so much more

so go forth, my honeypies, and enjoy the uplifting tones of Dean’s words. it means so much coming from him.