chalkdustmemory said:

Top 6 webcomics

Nnnnnnnngh this is really difficult. Top six in terms of art, in terms of story, that make me laugh…What do you want from me, blood?!


Something Positive by R.K. Milholland choochoobear - Often acerbic, sometimes sweet, occasionally terrifying, and always clever, Something Positive got me through high school in the Deep South and is the webcomic I’ve been reading longest. Absolutely phenomenal, plus occasionally you get the bonus of seeing Randy’s awesome watercolors. “The Last Trick or Treaters” series kills me, no pun intended.

Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto - Equally good at one-off jokes and longer storylines, Girls With Slingshots is one of those works of fiction that make you feel like hey, these are people I know! It’s funny, charming, the art is like candy, and Danielle goes out of her way to be sensitive about the representation of QUILTBAG and differently abled folks. Also dick jokes and ghost kittens, because those things are great.

Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell - A great blend of fantasy, mythology, and science fiction, Gunnerkrigg is the story of the uneasy detente between the science-oriented Court and the denizens of the wild and magical Forest at its boundaries. Did I mention you get characters who grow and develop? The art is phenomenal, go check it out. 

Oglaf by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne (NSFW)- Yeah, you saw that coming (ha ha, orgasm joke!) Oglaf supposedly started as an attempt at porn and because sex comedy immediately. As someone who draws porn, I understand exactly how that goes. Hilarious, sometimes gross, sometimes sexy as hell. Wins the award for “best use of glittery light effects.” Probably the comic I link to most often out of context, often because lines of dialogue in the comic sound like things I would say. Did I mention I am a bad person. Sexy, though. 

Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio www.girlgeniusonline.comAdventure! Romance! MAD SCIENCE! If you’re looking for a comic chock full of female characters of all personality types and motivations, here you go. Mad geniuses- “sparks” in polite company, “mad girls/boys” to most people- rampage over the world, often to the incredible detriment of everyone else. To tell you anything else would spoil you. 

Love Me Nice by Amanda Lafrenais littlefroggies - Amanda Lafrenais has an amazing sense of heft and line (also tones oh my god) and her story set in a world where toons and humans live and interact is by turns heartwarming and heartbreaking. Think Who Framed Roger Rabbit with more interpersonal drama, real-world issues, and gravitas. 


Platinum Black by Kelly Turnbull coelasquid - Kelly also does the incredibly funny and on-point comic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things ( ) , and fans of her work have been excited for Platinum Black for a long long time. Holy shit I cannot even begin to describe the concept because it is so cool and I will not do it justice. GO GO GO

Templar, AZ by Spike Trotman spikedrewthisTemplar, AZ is one of if not the most interesting alternate history work I’ve ever seen and Spike’s organic lines, use of large swaths of black, and dynamic figures knock my damn socks off. She’s also the mastermind behind the rejuvenation of Smut Peddler and the amazing new horror anthology The Sleep of Reason, and her guides to Kickstarter and living well on a budget ( Poorcraft ) are goddamn invaluable. GO BUY SOMETHING

WHOMP! Comic by Ronnie Filyaw - Holllllly crap. Whomp! is the home of the kind of comedy that makes you laugh in an ugly way because it’s so close to home (or at least is for me!) Social anxiety, weight, general obsessiveness and other kinds of fun. Also one comic that legitimately contains my most ridiculous Deep Dark Fear. Thanks, Ronnie.