the whole “if they don’t understand intersectionality get rid of them!!!” mindset on this website unsettles me like did u come out of the womb with a phd in feminist theory??? nah. people have to learn these things and the fortunate souls who don’t spend hours on this website every day for months on end probably have not been exposed to the same things as you so like teach them??? what’s the point of having that kind of knowledge if you’re unwilling to share it with others. it takes a lot of time to change the way you’ve been conditioned to think for your entire life and there’s a difference between being uneducated/knowing but choosing ignorance


Get to know me meme: Little Mix (3/7 bands) 

We are who we are, who we are, pretty is just a pretty word And I’m gonna shine like a star, cause I’m the only me in this world. Throw away the books and the magazines, I’m never gonna look like a beauty queen. We are who we are, who we are, and I’m just still me, just still me