i cannot stress enough how much the whole “pro communism thing its so perfect for everyone and lovely and riot grrrrrl feminism freedom for everyone!” makes me want to die and that whenever actual poc with roots in/from communist countries try to bring up how thats literally rhe most offensive thing to them they get shot down do you whites not get it shut the fuck up i never want to hear about pro communism again stuff it up your ass and stop trying to argue with people whove been there done that and definitely know way more about it than you do


Little Spaceship doodle time-lapse.

Two person tug decked out in the traditional colours of the Outer Planets Alliance.


Drawn with Rotring & Copic technical pens, coloured with Copic Ciao markers. Music is ‘Gagarin’ by Public Service Broadcasting.

anonymous asked:

My trans guy friend was called a tranny while being beaten up for being trans. Yet somehow he can't reclaim it?

Okay first of all, censor a slur if you’re not allowed to reclaim. Secondly, a lot of people get beat up while being called st*pid/d*mb/r*tarded while not being developmentally disabled. That doesn’t mean they can reclaim it. The t slur is a transmisogynistic slur specifically. Just because it’s misused and pointed toward your friend doesn’t mean he can reclaim it. Because in the end the t slur is not directed toward dfab people.