How did you guys get on at school? Were you good students or were you maybe a bit naughty? 

HA HA HAAAHAAHA. Remember how Cry’s Bday was like a billion days ago. Like two weeks before it I made this thing and thought I was gonna be like; ”Hah you’re old.”, but I forgot and a couple days later couldn’t find it anymore and I felt stupid and all that.. WELL, I FOUND IT. THE CREEPIEST AND LATEST BIRTHDAY THING YOU’LL EVER GET. SORRY FOR SUCKING. YOU’RE GREAT. ALSO OLD. 8D <3

kyung snuck his credit card into the cafeteria thing brought all the members 2 the bathroom muffled their mics told them the plan got them to distract the camera crew long enough that he could buy 7 meals on his card and bribe the staff into saying ‘were giving it to you free’ n then had the guts 2 tell the pd to her face ‘bc were famous we can eat for free’ i am like in awe if that wasnt some conniving slytherinass bullshit 

So it seems like my darling, fantastic, perfect friend c-r-roberts hasn’t had the best day. And I’m very very sorry for that, because I hate it when my friends are unhappy.

So, C. Here it is. Your Taylor Swift!Everlark and sports rivals!Everlark all combined into one insane drabble.

There were a lot of things Katniss liked about her boyfriend.

She liked his curly blond hair, and how frustrated he would get in the mornings when he couldn’t get it to lie flat before he had to dash out of the door for work. She liked his big arms and strong chest, arms that felt so good wrapped around her. She liked his cute glasses that he would wear even though he preferred his contacts, just because he knew she had a thing for them. She liked the giant smile that he gave out freely to his patients and strangers alike, and she especially loved the slightly crooked one she knew was just for her.

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Dearest "R"

I could really love you.
You know this already.

Not out of my brokenness but out
Of the wholeness I am finding to grow from me within me.

Does the sound of a real relationship
Burden you?
We’ve talked about this,
how any little commitment scares you.

I know you feel as though you have enough
On your plate , adding me to your life would only worsen that heaviness you carry? In your mind.

But you should know that
I want to help you carry
your weight, as I know you would help me carry mine..because YOU have already in so many ways.

But I will not force you to love me.
You said that yourself .
Love that is forced is not true love.
I’ve lived that way in the past.
I will not do to you what was done to me.
I will never force you to try to feel something for me.

Yet, I feel compelled to share this with you. Maybe as a final kiss.(I always say that;)
This may be the very last thing I share with you. I’ve said goodbye to you a million times, but this time, if you don’t realize these things and know these things by now, than I must , we must continue on walking our different paths completely .


I will NO longer give my body to someone who does not value my heart and soul as well.
Sorry, no more free samples . I’m not a dessert cart. I’m not a buffet table.
You don’t get to just pick and choose.

I am a whole package. You obviously enjoy the wrapping , but I’d like for you to equally value what’s inside.

Why? Because it goes against my truest core to respect myself. To value this temple, this body of mine.
My time and my brain must also be of value.

Life is far too short to not truly live and I want you to know these things , these thoughts I’ve held in my heart are for you.

The reasons why I fell for you;

1: The first time we met, our eyes
kissed. We both had the biggest smiles on our faces. There was an obvious attraction . We delight in each other .

2: The second time we met, we really poured into each other , we read each other’s hearts, thoughts and discovered and spoke of our dreams, shared our disappointments and what we wanted our futures to look like.

3: Every time I’m with you, I’m that much closer to the sea, and you know that’s where I belong . That’s important to me.You fell for the mermaid in me, I fell for the ocean and depth you carry. I dove into you, and you dove into me.
We swam in each other and we were refreshed .

4: The next time we met, there was a deep longing shared. There were no words between us. Not much. You just held me, there ,safely you held me in your strong embrace , my ear to your beating heart . No words were spoken except the sounds of our hearts speaking to one another. I remember how you kept smelling my hair and saying how good I smelled.
I said, ” That’s what happens when you take a shower ,” We giggled. We embraced for what seemed an eternity .
I hadn’t felt that quiet and at peace in a very long time. I felt safe.(Can I just say that your skin is AMAZING! I mean, for a man! Your skin is absolute perfection..) Anyhow..

Sorry, getting back on track again.;)

5: We looked out into the ocean in front of us. I could see that behind your smiles , you had experienced your own suffering , your own pains. When I was sharing my hurts, my own suffering ,you starred into my soul with great compassion and intensity. You saw my darkness and you weren’t overcome nor surprised by it. Your presence comforts me. My soul feels understood by you.
I believe I understand yours as well .

6: We really need to stop meeting this way.

Babe ,
If you don’t know by now that I am worth your time, then I will have to say with great regret,

It will truly be a great loss for the both of us.

Just be truthful with me. Let me know if I am wasting our time.

All we can truly give each other at this moment is truth. As a woman, I need this from you. I no longer want to be taken advantage of from anyone. I have too much good to offer , and I want to offer myself wholly, not half heartedly .