WOOO i finally hit 6,000 followers and i wanna thank you guys for sticking around even though i went through like 6 different fandoms since …what november? october? of 2012. xoxo love u all ♥

** this edit was inspired by those exo & vixx dating sims i recently played and my internal bias group battle. (also this gif was a little cunt to get uploaded so i had to kill some colors on it)

♥ i’m sorry that i didn’t include everyone this time, i figured i would include my all time favorites or people i talk to often. (its a hell of a lot of work to include everyone)

bold - those i concider friends or people i want to be friends with, italic- senpais

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 ~ also a bunch of fyeah’s here

ele era a minha esperaça de ser amada & poder amar sem medo .
ele é minha desilusao e minha autentica desistencia do amor .
obrigada, voce conseguiu me tornar ainda mais fria, dessa vez nem precisou me fazer sofrer, foi so fazer c que eu acreditasse na ideia mesmo .

woclasscarrier said:

cie qyu (lolol its all different letters, no repeating ones)

C; Who I like and why I like themthe safe answer here is Lana Parrilla because she is my queen lol

I; Have any tattoos or piercings? no tats and I have a total of five ear piercings but ears are typical soooo~

E; My best friend: her name’s Katherine and we’ve been friends for 12 years and we share the same birthday and a bunch of other strange coincidences lol

Q; Relationship status as of right now: single and I don’t mind it

Y; Do you want to go to college? yes please, I’m actually supposed to be looking for colleges right now, whoops

U; Where I want to be right now: I’m actually exactly where I want to be: home XD (just came back from vacation and I missed my home so badly lol)