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i dated someone who wore boat shoes and I could not stop starting at her shoes with this repulsive look on my face all the time. it never worked out haha ~bye felicia-

lmao boat shoes are def on the list of deal breakers amirite

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tell him it was the boat fairy

actually I am going to make him watch me as I set fire to those heathen things so he can listen to the screams of vineyard vine wearing republican white boys in the distance


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You found a place! Will you still be in the city?

I have’t found a place yet, but all my roommates have (which is cool, that was the plan). I’m looking at four places this week though! 2 are in the east bay, 2 are in the city. I’m nervous! Because I kind of really need to find a place. I was crying all weekend because I could live with my boyfriend (or a lot of places) if I got rid of my cat… and I don’t want to, for obvious reasons. SO! One of these places must work out! 

(that was probably too much info, sorry!)

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:( Im sorry, those questions freak me out too, but I hope you get healthcare!

thank you! the damn website isn’t working. but the questions were things like “what is your eldest child’s middle name” and “what is your significant other’s oldest sibling’s name?” and “what is the last name of your first high school sweetheart?” like, sorry, i’m a single childless lesbian who wishes she could forget all about her “first sweetheart” because he raped me? like, fuck this heteronormative bullshit questioning!