Typical Cats - Qweloquiallisms 


Motherfuckers lack intensity, and can’t rhyme either.


Typical Cats- Qweloquiallisms

His voice, his flow, unnf.


Typical Cats - Qweloquiallisms


Typical Cats - Qweloqiallisms

Adam Vincent Schreiber (born June 6, 1980), better known by his stage name Qwel, is an underground rapper, originally from Chicago, Illinois. Qwel is also the co-founder of an underground rap crew called Typical Cats, with MC’s Denizen Kane, and Qwazaar. Qwel has been featured on interviews and performances on UndergroundHipHop.com. Qwel has had collaboration projects with Maker, Jackson Jones, Meaty Ogre, Mike Gao, Silence, and Robust. His current label is Galapagos4 which was founded partially by Offwhyte


Typical Cats - Qweloquiallisms

Show 16 (4.24.15)

The Green Seed - Jude Law - Drapetomania

The Underachievers - Chrysalis - Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium

MF DOOM - Gazillion Ear - Born Like This

Peanut Butter Wolf - Run The Line - My Vinyl Weighs A Ton

Typical Cats - The Manhatten Project - Typical Cats

The Koreatown Oddity - Groove Construction - No Health Insurance

NehruvianDOOM - Caskets - Nehruvian DOOM

Will Is Chillin’ - Fool - Instrumentally Unstable

Dilated Peoples feat. Aloe Blacc - Show Me The Way - Single

The Underachievers - Herb Shuttles - Indigoism

Lee Konitz Quartet - Monkian Round - The New York Album

JON MCXRO - Girlfriend - The Fifth of Never

NehruvianDOOM - Mean The Most - NehruvianDOOM

L'Orange - Need You feat. Blu - The Orchid Days

Elzhi - It Ain’t Hard To Tell - Elmatic

Typical Cats - Qweloquiallisms - Typical Cats

Steve G. Lover III - 285 - Summer of Steve

MF DOOM - Rhymes Like Dimes (ft. Cucumber Slice) - Operation Doomsday

Mike Gao - Wetter Forecast - Quadruple Entendre

Mike Gao - Have2Go - Quadruple Entendre

Mike Gao - Nike Giovanni - Quadruple Entendre

Thurz - Rodney King - L.A. Riot

Elzhi - Deep (prod. Black Milk) - The Leftovers

EOM - Wave Rolls (feat. Slik D & Intalek) - Sunrain

The Koreatown Oddity - Two Dont’s - No Health Insurance

Handsome Boy Model School - First… And Then - White People

People Under The Stairs - Los Angeles Daze - The Next Step

Peanut Butter Wolf - Mobbin’ - My Vinyl Weighs a Ton