My new fav place to shop.... for makeup : i have decided this is my new favorite place to shop because many companies like tarte, laura geller, and smashbox all put out amazing sets that you cant get at sephora for a whole lot cheaper. And if you cant pay for the whole thing at once you can make payments over a certain amount of time. They also have amazing customer service. Soon as they pick up your call they greet you by name (bus have your account pulled up my phone number :) which i think was pretty awesome. No im not advertising for them i just found out about this way of shopping the other night and i LOVE it. So i thought id pass on my new secret to you

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After two weeks of trying it for myself, it is time to revisit the overall effects of The Juverest Pillow.

This Pillow, developed by ground breaking cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Goesel Anson, will help you to combat the aging effects of side sleeping on conventional pillows.

Just as we wear expensive face creams to combat oxidants and aging effects of our environment, and sunscreens to combat the known dangers and agers of the sun, we now have a pillow to prevent the constant stress to delicate facial tissue when we sleep. These are the preventative measures we can take to stay away from the filler needles and expensive procedures that come with time and continuous stress.

Simply put, this pillow is thoughtfully engineered to not only intelligently combat the stress we put on our faces while sleeping, but also to give us a more restful sleep and perfect spine alignment. You must go to the site to get the full details and design diagrams:

Time for my personal take: I received this pillow two weeks ago, with some trepidation ( I have always preferred a down pillow from my childhood). Upon opening the box, I was rather intrigued by the engineering. The pillow is made of the softest foam I have ever felt - not at all your run of the mill foam pillow. It is made of incredibly soft to the touch and made of high-quality open-cell resilient foam. The pillowcase, itself, is velvety, smooth, and cooling.

It might not be so difficult to make the switch, after all! The shape of the pillow is very unique, and somewhat daunting at first glance. You can tell that this might take some getting used to, and it does. It took about four nights of being aware of the difference - and the adjusting to sleep just right, but I was never uncomfortable. I was just getting used to the new sleep positions. Actually, they are our typical sleep positions, but with this pillow, not only is your face not getting mushed into bedding or pillow, but your spine is in correct alignment, whether sleeping on your side or on your back.

I am not yet, at this point in my life, noticing sleep wrinkles when I wake up, but I do manage to sleep hard - and mush my face into my pillow. If I did wake up with noticeable sleep wrinkles, I would post a photo with my old pillow versus the new pillow.

Rather, I will explain to you my reasons for choosing this pillow over my old faithful Downie.

1) Over time, the constant mashing of my face into the bedding, will take effect, and I will need to use fillers and got to more expensive procedures more often to combat the wrinkles that were caused in part by continuous stress to those areas of my face.

2) Quite often, I wake up with a stiff neck because I sleep on my side and my neck is not supported - nor is my head. Since I began sleeping with this pillow, I have woken up with no back pain or sore necks. I attribute this to the ergonimics reesulting from the engineering of this pillow.

3) I swear my body temp gets warmer when I sleep. It always has, and pillows often insulate the heat, making me warmer. This pillow does the opposite. It seems to draw the heat away and gives me a much better, temperate sleep.

4) Fringe Benefit: I haven’t woken up once in two weeks with raging bedhead! I think that because my head movement is restricted a bit more, my hair remains pretty much in tact! I run a brush through it and go!

5)  This is overall, the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. Although it takes a few nights to get used to it, you will never be uncomfortable! The overall comfort of this pillow is phenominal. It cuddles you! There is no pressure on my face, neck, or spine. I don’t think I could ever go back to “Old Downie.”

Whether you are dealing with sleep wrinkles or back issues, or wish to prevent all of the above, I assure you this pillow is worth a try. I highly doubt you will send it back. I do get the feeling your other pillows will be relegated to the guest beds and linen closets!

You can get more info (and purchase it) at ;

Or…You can buy it on QVC!

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