Quyn Diato Eair

A member of the Ouranos 2.52 Ship. Quyn is the lover of the Captain Ridrick Riles, she can handle weapons nicely however it wasn’t always like that. 

Quyn is a drifter alien, drifter aliens have extremely powerful mind-power including magic. Her kind has permanent gold skin around their eyes along with piercing eye colors, the woman usually having the blues. As custom she goes her magic controlling scars over her body at the age of 18. Once a drifter alien has these marks they are allowed to leave their planet for a year and see the outside world. Quyn did as all others have, sadly against rules she went to some despite planets. On one of these planets she was captured by some anti-magic user extremists. She was tortured for a couple months, tested on, poked at, her skin ripped off and sewed back on as they tried to find out where the magic in her race came from. It was after these tests that something amazing happened, she had been taken to her room as was normal and left there with no food but water when the explosion went off, knocking her out and ripping up her face, leaving a permanent scar on his lip and eyebrow. When she woke up she was on Ouranos and in a bed. Sadly she had an reaction to not having extremely clean air and she just barely made it. The captain demanded for her to wear a mask all the time to keep her safe. Captain Ridrick taught her how to use a gun and how to defend herself even though she is in very weak state. After awhile she dared to use magic and found out that they had actually been able to move her magic somehow. While the magic is still with her she can no longer use it, it is saved in the magic scars all over her body and they glow faintly in low light. She has skin discoloration all over her originally beautiful body. 

She cute and dyed her hair soon after joining the crew, changed her style clothing to that of more of  a punk and started to take meds on orders from the Captain. They help her with her nightmares (which happen frequently) and also with her body to cope with the loss of magic. She has a pet Rachid, which can’t be really called a pet since it’s about two times the size of her, but its name is Kronas. It follows her everywhere and is loyal to no one else. 

Quyn’s room is completely sterile and clean aired approved, most people aren’t allowed in there, only the captain and he still has to take a shower before entering so that he doesn’t disrupt it’s peace. Though it was hard for them to have a relationship they still manage, both of them would do anything for each other however it is completely unnoticeable to the outside world since they happen to bee a very… abrasive couple.

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