Chocolate, Coffee, and late night Chats

Quinn walked into the Lima Bean, slightly shocked that it was still open at this hour. It was Lima though, there were many things surprising about it. Part of her had expected for the place to be closed under lock and key, leaving Quinn to wait until Kurt showed up. Her other half, really just wanted more chocolate. She ordered a coffee and a muffin, from the odd looking man behind the counter. She couldn’t tell if he was stoned, or simply bored, but there was definitely something off about him. The guy took longer than he should have to make the coffee, at least two minutes too long. When her food and drink was done and paid for, Quinn found a table at the far end of the coffee shop, just in case the bored stoner, felt like listening in on anything that was said. Once in her seat, she took a bite of her muffin, there first thing she had eaten other than chocolate in hours. In the last several hours, Quinn had consumed the majority of her chocolate she had received from the school. A strange thing for Quinn, since she prided herself on staying fit and healthy. Quinn looked around the room nervously, and hoped that Kurt didn’t take too long to get there.

anonymous asked:

If Kurt was straight and not Dating Blaine, and you weren't married to Jesse St. James would you Dated him?

I can’t say that I ever expected to be asked this, ever…

And, honestly, I don’t know. I have a feeling that Kurt and I together would be too much fabulous for the world to handle.