Day 628: 07/09/2014

I cooked my breakfast/lunch. Yay. Looking up recipes so I don’t need to spend!! <—- sad life.

I said I was going to start my lesson plan analysis but… it’s so short? I can probably finish it the day before so I’m not bothered starting it early. Which means dramas! Jenny came into my room again and watched The Legendary Four Aces and she keeps telling me things that will happen next. UM HELLO SPOILER MUCH?? I set the timer for VS Arashi so I wouldn’t forget it and Jenny stayed to watch it. She remembers the games! I asked her who her favourites are and she said Aimiya oh yeah. Runs in the family. But yeah, pretty sure she’ll forget the next time I ask her soooo.

She’s actually a lot smarter than people think. I complained that she stole my pants to wear but it turns out she didn’t because she was wearing a different size. Qurllll you so smart!

Spent the rest of the day bludging and yeah, BayStorm is great. Nino-san is also great. Yay.