Love? You wanna know something about love? Some advice? okay fine. Here’s the truth about love. I CAN’T FUCKING TELL YOU ANYTHING. Because my love is not a perfect love. Neither is yours. NO BODY’S IS. The more we try to perfect it, the more we ruin it. That what humans do, we squeeze a puppy so hard that we fucking kill it. I have news for you, your imperfect love is goddam beautiful. Those things he says that piss you off, beautiful. That way that you hate when she mixes up your darks and whites in your laundry, beautiful. The way she always defends you when someone on the subway makes a comment about your “unholy” homosexuality, fucking goddam beautiful. So stop trying to find love’s definition. Stop trying to make it better. Don’t break the beautiful.
—  Me. On Love.
This isn’t tragedy
It’s illusion
Illusion that I needed you
You held me down
Like an anchor holds a ship still, I never wanted still
I want whirlwind in my deep spirit
I want hurricanes in my soul
Storms in my eyes
Tsunami in my gut
Until I’m forced to have adventure without you
I want the natural forces to finally run wild with
My heart
You drifting away from my nature wasn’t a tragedy
This isn’t tragedy
This is my beginning
—  A.K.