11 incredible Bernie Sanders quotes show he’s the progressive we’ve been waiting for 

To say Bernie Sanders is the most liberal candidate in the race is not just an understatement, it fundamentally misstates his place on the political spectrum. From a policy perspective, Hillary Clinton has more in common with Republican hopefuls like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) than Sanders, who advocates for single-payer health insurance, free college for all Americans and rewriting U.S. free-trade agreements. And he has a strong message for his 2016 rivals.

When you raise your palms to the sky
Are you begging for rain
or praising the light?

When you close your eyes for just a second
Are you trying to remember
or forget?

When you wrap your arms around yourself
Is it love that you feel
or long for?

Perhaps it is both, my love.
Perhaps it is both.

  • John Cameron Mitchell:He grew up in the gayest city in the world, and it’s rubbed off. He’s the sweetest, hippest straight queer boy on the block.
  • DarrenCriss:That’s a high compliment coming from John. I wear that banner proudly. I think Glee, obviously, has pushed my relationship with the gay community at large in a really cool way. That seems a natural extension of my San Franciscan progressive nature. It’s a community that has embraced me and a community that I’ve embraced.”
Your smile comes in two distinct forms:
In one, you smile a cute shy smile
Where if someone were to look close enough,
They would see that your world isn’t all you make it out to be;
that your world is so corrupted
By the pain you have endured.
And in the other, my personal favorite,
All that pain within your eyes disappears
And you glow.
You radiate an aura of happiness.