Gig #65 of 2014: Kissing Cousins


Last night was the third of Kissing Cousins Monday night residency shows at The Satellite in Silverlake. I arrived just in time to catch most of the set by opening band Light FM. Light FM are veterans of the LA music scene and are helmed by singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Josiah Mazzaschi. It’s been some time since I’d seen them and was impressed by how well rounded the sound of their current three piece incarnation is. They played a tight set and have a great rhythm section holding it down. Curious to see more from them in this configuration.

I had never heard or seen the second band, Dekades. They were heavy but not quite metal, progressive without being prog rock, angular, and overall fairly impressive. I definitely need to see them again but would recommend seeing them.


Kissing Cousins - 12/15/14 Photo collage by Brian Edmiston

Kissing Cousins went on at the appointed time of 11pm and played the most well honed of their residency shows to date. There was no time wasted between songs which only seemed to increase the emotional urgency of the music. For all their carefully crafted instrumentation it is still the songwriting and singing of frontwoman/band leader Heather Bray Heywood that is the most striking thing about them on record and in performance. Her vocals lure the listener in and hold them by the back of the head as a beautiful darkness encroaches. They continue to be a genuinely compelling band night after night. 

Closing band The Breakups I had also not seen in some time. Their music may not have the weighty space and dramatics of the other bands that night but that was also their greatest asset. The catchy hook laden songs felt like a good complement to the rest of the night. I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the entirety of their set but was glad to have seem them.

Given the increasingly honed performances of Kissing Cousins just over the three Mondays I have seen them so far this month it is thrilling to think just what the next two shows are going to be like.

Gig #42 of 2014: Dawn of Sequins & QunQ


I arrived to this show a little bit late and thus missed out on the first band. I did get there in time for one of the promised math presentations, I think it may have been on logarithms. After that was done Media Jeweler was up. I had never heard of them before but they seem to be a fairly new band from Orange County. They played a very tight set that could be described as Math Rock. They had some great arrangements, and I enjoyed the fact that one of their guitar players at one point was simultaneously playing a pocket trumpet and regular trumpet.

QunQ were up next following another brief presentation on math. QunQ don’t fuck around when it comes to their intensity and balls to the walls precision. These guys deserve a fuckload more attention than what they’ve garnered. Their dedication to their music and performance easily works circles around most bands you’ll see. Check em out!



Dawn of Sequins were up next to close up the night. DoS started as a project for Eli and Mary after the end of their long-running band The Monolators. The music still retains all the pop and garage hooks that Monolators were great at, but filtered through a synth direction. Live drums are replaced by programmed beats and the pair trading off on vocal duties. They’re always a treat to watch in whatever musical guise they choose to take. 








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