Gig #42 of 2014: Dawn of Sequins & QunQ


I arrived to this show a little bit late and thus missed out on the first band. I did get there in time for one of the promised math presentations, I think it may have been on logarithms. After that was done Media Jeweler was up. I had never heard of them before but they seem to be a fairly new band from Orange County. They played a very tight set that could be described as Math Rock. They had some great arrangements, and I enjoyed the fact that one of their guitar players at one point was simultaneously playing a pocket trumpet and regular trumpet.

QunQ were up next following another brief presentation on math. QunQ don’t fuck around when it comes to their intensity and balls to the walls precision. These guys deserve a fuckload more attention than what they’ve garnered. Their dedication to their music and performance easily works circles around most bands you’ll see. Check em out!

Dawn of Sequins were up next to close up the night. DoS started as a project for Eli and Mary after the end of their long-running band The Monolators. The music still retains all the pop and garage hooks that Monolators were great at, but filtered through a synth direction. Live drums are replaced by programmed beats and the pair trading off on vocal duties. They’re always a treat to watch in whatever musical guise they choose to take.

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QunQ and Tape Deck Mountain tonight at Ham & Eggs Tavern 9pm/21+/$5 (at Ham & Eggs Tavern)

Tape Deck Mountain/QunQ West Coast Tour
9/13 - Soda Bar/San Diego, CA
9/14 - Ham & Eggs Tavern/Los Angeles, CA
9/15 - Homeish/Oakland, CA
9/19 - The Black Lodge/Seattle, WA
9/20 - Record Room/Portland, OR
9/21 - El Rio/San Francisco, CA