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Adiais, you said you quit smoking, do you have any tips for people trying to quit smoking and struggling with it?

Hi lovely anon, 

Honestly, I quit cold turkey because of how badly smoking effected the control of my asthma. 

The thing that made me quit was the fear of more asthma attacks, and it shocked me into quitting. 

A great way to motivate quitting is to work out how much money it will save you in a month. Nicotine patches/gum will work for a lot of people, however they are also quite expensive! 

Here are 13 ‘top tips’ from web MD.

Its a very hard habit to break, but a worthwhile venture. It will have ups and downs, but try to stay positive even when you give in. 

Good Luck! 

Adlais x

Five days cigarette free wazzup

Basically I started dicking around with cigs at the ripe young age of 14 to be impressive, but there’s nothing impressive about a 22 year old woman who can’t breathe ✌️so this is awesome to me, and I’m fucking proud of myself.