Kettle’s just boiled.

quietly combines two minkuri prompts…. someone suggested mink giving clear jellyfish jewelry he made himself and then tigerine suggested mirrors…. i got lazy on a few parts bc i was sick while i finished this but yea _(:3

also whispers the turquoise beads on the necklace represent clear’s love for jellyfish/the ocean and the pink center jewel is for the color of his eyes huuuu

Garage Kids

A group of kids whose adventures take place in the real world but also in a parallel and virtual world, Xanadu. The story? A boy of about twelve, Odd, arrives one day in his new neighborhood and quickly understands that his friends are gifted with extraordinary abilities and superpowers. Yumi possess incredibly strong telekinesis while Ulrich has the gift of displacing himself at the speed of light. These kids have in fact penetrated the secret of Xanadu, the fruit of the labors of a research group whose laboratory, set in an environment inspired by the old Renault automobile factory on the Île Seguin at Boulogne-Billancourt, is now abandoned. Created by the Professor, a learned eccentric who sunk into madness, Xanadu and its multiple disturbances threaten to destroy the real world. (x)

  • Soralon wwww
  • Soralon Namahousou

Soraru: (Explaining seriously about Anohana)  …It really attracts you…

Lon: It attracted you~~

Soraru: I really understand it… it’s a feeling of sadness that you can’t run away from…

Lon: wwww laughs

Soraru: What?

Lon: www  I see…

Soraru: Huh! What..?  I didn’t say anything funny. What…?

Lon: mm..

Soraru: What? Why did you laugh?

Lon: Ah i see

Soraru: What.. what what what is there something that was funny?

Lon: nothing~ wwww

Soraru: What?

Lon: Soraru‐san is really funny

Soraru: Why…?

Lon: Nothing

Soraru: Why…?

Lon: kizuna(?)

Soraru: Now i’m getting the feeling that i’m being fooled around so i’m getting a little angry. what?

Lon: It’s okay once in a while, no?

Soraru: yea yea what is it?

Lon: Soraru‐san always makes a fool out of other people right?

Soraru: About?

Lon: about Lon‐san

Soraru: I don’t do that 

Lon: Liar!

Soraru: I don’t do that

Lon: You don’t you don’t you don’t you do

Soraru: That’s just your imagination

Lon: Must be it

Soraru: Eh why?! Did i say anything funny just now? I thought that i was talking about something quite serious…

Lon: Then let’s not talk about it

Soraru: But I was in the middle of explaining, but i guess it’s okay i get it

Lon: i get it i get it

Soraru: Okay..since you said so , we will not talk about it fine fine…Now i feel that Lon‐san really has a bad personality

Lon: eh, I can’t?

Soraru: It’s not that you can’t it’s just not good to have it, i think

Lon: But it’s fine

Soraru: What is fine?wwww

Lon: www

Soraru: You say that it’s okay but i think that anything will turn out fine. You keep saying that it’s fine but in actual fact it’s actually not fine

Lon: But it’s fine, right

Soraru: What exactly is fine…?

Lon: Say that it’s fine!

Soraru: It’s not fine

Lon: uuuu

Soraru: Now i feel that i’m really being fooled around and am angry

Lon: Don’t get angry over such stuff

Soraru: But i was seriously trying to explain something

Lon: Ah i see

Soraru: mmm…You suddenly laughed even though i was trying to explain something seriously

Lon: wwww

Soraru: Why are you laughing?!www Why are you laughing?www what happened

Lon: No

Soraru: I will let you rehabilate a while so i will keep quiet for a while 

Lon: Even though you said that, it was actually because you reached an important checkpoint for pazudora

Soraru: No, it was because i was angry after being fooled around, work hard on your own for the later parts

Lon: A Soraru‐san that gets angry because of such things is a Soraru‐san that i dont know

Soraru: Nooo… it was because i was talking about something very sad…

Lon: I understand

Soraru: …and trying my best to get you to understand about it.. i was trying seriously

Lon: When i understood, i laughed

Soraru: Wh‐What did you understand? 

Lon: When i understood your words

Soraru: But, you didn’t actually understand, right!

Lon: Yea, i didn’t 

Soraru: mm… Then that’s wrong! ww And so.. work hard on your own

Lon: Ehh… that’s evil..

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Wine Gums, Envy, and Pieces of Rainbow: A Goth Detectives fan mix


Androgynoel by Federal Drugs Administration

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones

Vlad the Impaler by Kasabian

Casanova by Roxy Music

Desire Be Desire Go by Tame Impala

The Walker by Fitz and the Tamtrums


Rampant Russell by Federal Drugs Administration

Dandy by The Kinks

Fame by David Bowie

Weirdo by The Vaccines

I Predict A Riot by Kaiser Chiefs

Rasputin by Boney M

Bonus Tracks:

This Charming Man by The Smiths

Dude (Looks Like A Lady) by Aerosmith

Wednesday WIPs

It was actually nice enough for me to take a picture of them!


The never-ending entrelac scarf

-this used to be my easy portable project, but now it’s too big so I don’t work on it much

DNA square for my GAL blanket

-I’ve got about a dozen row left

Steeked cup cozy (green)

-not quite halfway

TARDIS hat for my bf

-just finished the ribbing


Sweet. I’ll get some snacks ready in case we get munchies

It takes a little longer than originally planned, since she can’t quite remember her way halfway there, but she makes it, and is quite proud of that. She knocks on the door, and contemplates how stupid it was to not wear a coat.

"Better not be lyin’ about snacks…"

How cool would it be 
If I could just escape
And become a sumo wrestler
And win in a professional circuit or two in Japan:
I might feel like I’m appropriating culture though
So id probably quit halfway through
And join the circus instead
And leap into a lake because I saw it in a movie.
Later in my life i can look at and look like dog shit
And I can grow ivy without being fined.